Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lady In Red

 Scarlett Jo resonates the Scarlett Woman of Revelations in the Avengers. Both by her name and appearance(Red Head)..
Green Heart by Kotze attracted my Sync focus towards Christ Symbols threading the theme of the King of Nature or Green Man Archetype.
Days later I'm watching Shrek and realize that Something about Mary's Cameron Diaz beautifully inhabits the personification of the Sacred Whore to Shrek's Christ like persona, hell he even travels with a donkey just like Christ.
Kotze... Sometime ago made the connection to the lust card above which features The Scarlett Woman or Sacred Whore and Scarlett Jo....

So the Scarlett as Scarlett has been floating around for sometime.
I really started noticing the Red Head Theme with Andras Jones. He is the twin, well they are practically twins, of Red Head Alice in Nightmare on Elm 4.The 2 create a Duo that is submerged in Pisces Symbolism... Making them twin fish of sorts. I've talked about this a few post back. The fact that Alice is played by Lisa Wilcox who is known as a knock out natural Blond is of importance to me... They purposely made her a Red Head. 
In the TV show Alien Nation Andras is caught in a love triangle between himself, a Red Headed teacher, and an Alien Intelligence.

 The Alien wins the affection of the Scarlet Woman by being able to read the Catcher In The Rye faster than Andras.... Under this context, and with the Crowley Tinge that the Black Widow posters above give this post, we can see Andras as Crowley, The Red Headed teacher as Babylon(The Sacred Whore, which Crowley assigned all his wives as), and perhaps the Alien Intelligence as Aiwass who contacted Crowley through his wife Rose. The classroom and book(of the Law) theme come up again in Andras' appearance in Saved By The Bell where Andras bullies people to hide the fact he can't read. Not being able to read is a common trait in the right brain activity of dreaming. 
 In Attic Expeditions Andras awakes telling his wife(who happens to be a stark raving Red Head) "I just had the strangest dream..." in the opening scene. This movie see's Andras as the only one who can read the Ritual Magick(Crowley) Book that he and his wife used.
 In the movie Attic Expeditions this is strengthened as Andras plays a stage Magician traveling cross country with another Red Head. Scene above shows Andras with Crowley Magician top hat reflected in the Sacred Whores "cunt"... I can say that and choose to because both Crowley and Jones would. This is an important thing to realize as well, and as we shall see there are multiple ways to take this point... There's the one above where Andras is asked in this scene above if he loves the Lady In Red, in which he doesn't answer. 
But also Andras drives around in this movie in a school bus, furthering the lesson theme of Saved By the Bell and Alien Nation, and hinting of Ken Kesey. Ken Kesey is the writer of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest("McMurphy, a large redhead with a devilish grin") and later painted a school bus, similar to Andras', as Kesey spread the LSD and sexual revolution in the 60's. Andras' bus passes a Dinosaur, which in itself serves as a symbol of EVOLution, while sporting a symbol similar to The Rolling STONES symbol, itself akin to the Kali Mouth motif hinting at our passage through the EVOLution of the Kali Yuga. It's a very aggressive feminine symbol and reenforces the Babylon imagery. The use of the mirror is interesting to me as well.

 The mirror is often used in Beauty and The Beast motifs as shown in the film above... This leads back to the Lust card where the open vaginal "hints" that we've seen reside snugly(pun intended). As in Disney's version Beauty finds a Beast in her reflection. Jung pointed at the woman's need to leave the father who couldn't supply the rose(a sign of his love) and gives up to the beastly desires of another man who is both mean and nice. A more realistic understanding. Also pointed out in what lies at Kali's feet in her imagery. Anyway both Andras and Crowley carry this stigmata as being beastly men. Both Andras and Crowley are the Beast. However....
 As Andras' earlier symbolism of the Pisces is concerned it would be folly to not notice that the female member being covered by the mirror shows what happens if you give the beast a smooch. He changes.

 The Phyce was also discovered by Jung to always present itself in the form of a deity divided into four. This is also referenced in the division of mother Earth's yearly journey.

 The vaginal symbol of the conjoining circles, symbolic of the mixture of worlds or opposites(such as male or spirit, and female or matter(mother)). The vesica piscis. Twin Fish... Which Andras is already attached to as the Pepsi's symbol of Balance.

 Jesus like, Andras and Crowley, seem to have a close relationship with the female symbol. He emerges here from the womb. Notice the Lion, Bull, Eagle, and Man(all beast) symbolizing not only the gospel but the movement of the stars again in the picture above. 
Salvation lies with in. 

 I now see Red Heads every where I go, like in the new Pixar Movie above. Appropriately named Brave, hinting at our need to face the Reality of what this thread is saying. It also highlights the scarlet woman with Bow. The Bow often seen with Sagittarius which is also lined with Jesus as he is the composite beast of man and god...  Another mixture of circles.
Note the way the Pisces symbol resembles to bows facing each other. It inspired by the double circle of the vesica.
The Christ like Symbolism of all the heroes, that of being both gods, beast, and savior are very vibrant... Flanked by the Scarlet Woman... Watch close the relationship of Loki and Hulk leading back to Kotze's video and Cameron Diaz again as in The Mask and Shrek. And beware The Widow and Hulk as we are all shown the importance of being a team.
 The Scarlett Woman is actually one of the main focuses of the Avenger movie and in one scene we see the reflection of Loki mirrored on top of Scarlett as they talk about how red she can get... Literally. 
 The Hulk is taken to lift Loki's scepter while the TEAM squabbles over their differences. 
  This shows the link of Loki and The Green Man and their balance of the Rational and the Irrationality of their own existence.
 Scarlett is faced with the Green Man shortly after... The 63 behind her can be flipped into a 93.

 The 93 can refer to the greeting used by Crowley and others to symbolise the numerical equivalent of the joining of the Tree of Life. The blue Pillar of Mercy and the red Pillar of Judgment are of course also highlighted by the Strength/Lust/Beauty and The Beast card.
  The Green Man chases his wife crashing through Twin Pillar after Pillar.
 The joining of the 2 Pillars 4 us holds special significant also because of the earlier study on Andras' and his relationship to Pisces.
 Andras has a strange attraction to the yin yang symbol(joining of 2 circles just like the vesica) related to the fish highlighted by the joining of Pepsi and their Red and Blue symbol leading us back to the joining of the 2 Pillars... Which of course is the polarity of ourselves, and the resolution of combining the sacred and profane in each of us as individuals, and how we choose to use and need each other.

 A film by Nexus of Sync a fellow Sync Whole participate covering the same theme of Red Head Goddess. Girl on Fire also highlighted in Hunger Games with another BOW!


  1. I thought it was also interesting that in the movie "The Attic Expeditions"

    (The Attic Expeditions was originally written to be the fourth film in the Witchcraft series)

    Alice Cooper plays Samuel Leventhal.Alice is best known for his album
    "Welcome to My Nightmare"

    Which includes the song "The Black Widow" (Cooper, Wagner, Ezrin) – 3:37

  2. Also Andras starred in an interactive movie/game called "Night Trap"

    with the tragic red headed actress Dana Plato who died of an overdose on Mother's Day May 8, 1999.
    Almost 11 years to the day of Dana Plato's death, on May 6, 2010
    (exactly two years ago today...we [Australia] are a day ahead of you guys), Plato's son Tyler Lambert died at age 25 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

  3. In deed sir... And it gets much deeper still.

  4. Compare the image of Andras' face in the mirror between the woman's legs with this:

    This is a continuation of the strange Jesus syncs around Andras that you and I have discussed.

  5. Talking about Andras being related to the joining of two rings.
    I notice that his birthday is the 12th of August,which this year will be the date of the closing day of the London Oylimpics (five rings joined together?).It is also the date Cleopatra commited suicide(according to Wiki)and the day of "The Feast of the Prophet and his Bride".
    Also on this date in 1480(13?),in the Battle of Otranto,Ottoman troops supposedly beheaded 800 Christians for refusing to convert to Islam.1914- The United Kingdom declares war on Austria-Hungry.1952-The Night of the Murdered Poets,13 prominent Jewish interlectuals are murdered in Moscow.1977- the first free flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise.
    Plus lots of other interesting events and disasters took place on this day.
    It is also officially the start of Grouse hunting season.

  6. With the false flag rumours doing the rounds on the internet for this date,it is interesting to read this on Wiki about Grouse;
    "Grouse are game,and hunters kill millions each year for food,sport and other uses"

  7. Another sync involving the 12th of August is Cecil B DeMille was also born on the day that Cleopatra died,and he was the one who filmed the movie by the same name.He also made a film which I have had a few syncs with myself,called "The Greatest Show on Earth" starring Charlton Heston and a red haired Betty Hutton.It is also the only movie Emmett Kelley appeared in as his famous "Sad Face Clown".
    What else could sync here with the greatest show on Earth and RINGling Bros?
    The Olympics?

  8. I just watched "The Greatest Show on Earth" for the first time in my life and have to say that this film is really worth putting under the syncroscope.
    You have the green man(Curtis),an Isis figure(Hutton)competing with the redheaded Whore of Babylon,not to mention James Stewart playing a Joker type roll.Plus all the other characters,symbols and syncs.
    I also like the syncs with the Olympics (there are five rings in the circus tent...which is the arena for
    "The Greatest Show on Earth").
    I would love to hear what opinions others have of this movie as far as syncomysticism goes.

  9. Also Florence and the machine comes to mind

  10. Caprica 6 of BSG, also featured prominently in Red Dress, in final scene of the series, syncing strongly with the "woman in the red dress" of the Matrix..

    The ghost in the machine, or the machine in the ghost.

  11. Moon, Rainbow, Michael Jackson, M.J. JM, Michael Jordon 23, M 13 J 10, 45(9) MJ`s comeback number, .... Next Cool i Had the Venus-flightPass myself just before it came up in the vid . Venus same pronounciation as Venice , Love and Paris .... Good Work

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