Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Moonshine Conspiracy


On June 19th, at the time of a New Moon and day before the Summer Solstice, when summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere, @seallion and myself @syncwinnipeg saw the movie Moonrise Kingdom in the theatre.

Sweet beautiful film. 

In Moonrise Kingdom the heart prevails.

It was a powerful sync moment punctuated by us both jumping out of our seats at the point when the girl opens her suitcase and reveals a book called The Girl From Jupiter. The girl being blue skinned is extra sync juicy.

It did not escape us that this was taking place in June, the month named after Juno, or the Girl from Jupiter. 

The next New Moon of July 18/19th saw the Full Express Tour with Shrillex, Diplo and Grimes playing the Goldeyes baseball stadium kitty corner to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights being constructed.

One of Grimes' hits is the song Oblivion where she sings "See you on a dark night." Perhaps she was singing about her performance in Winnipeg on July 18th, night of a new moon and therefor a dark night.

@seallion went to the concert and made this video shortly after about the sync web around it all.

July 20th, 2012, right after Grimes played Winnipeg was the theatrical release of the the Dark Knight Rises.

July 20th was also the day I left by airplane to visit Juan at his healing centre in the Peruvian Amazon. 


This visit was to prepare for his eventual visit to Winnipeg for September, 2012.


August 31st rolls around and @seallion and I see the movie Lawless in theatres. This also happens to be the night of not only a Full Moon but also a Blue Moon. Meaning a second full moon in one month.

Lawless shined bright like twin full moons! 

The two main characters were played by Tom Hardy, or Bane from Dark Knight Rises...

... and Shia Labeouf from Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Of course the plot of Lawless has Labeouf and Hardy running a Moonshine business. The Moonshine Conspiracy as they call it.

The Moonshine Conspiracy reveals itself even more when we realize that Tom Hardy who plays Bane in Dark Knight Rises, and which opened after a dark night of the New Moon, celebrates his birthday on September 15th.

September 15th is not only Tom "Moonshine Conspiracy" Hardy's birthday but is also New Moon as well. Another dark night.

This got my attention as September 15th, 2012, was a Saturday and the main day of celebration for the Harvest Moon Festival situated in the Pembina Valley of South West Manitoba.

Beyond syncing with the Moon, why this means so much to me is that this little festival, that I help start 12 years ago, and the community that has grown around it, is where and with who, myself and Maestro Juan Flores plan to open Tonkiri: International Centre for the Study of Medicinal Plants.

This year was the first year we had the festival on a New Moon. With Tom Hardy's birthday sharing the same day it seemed like a syncnifcant day to say the least. The Moonshine Conspiracy was shining strong in 2012.

How great was it that StArmy members @seallion @true and @spktrumsnaketin were at this years festival.

This year was the second time Maestro Flores came to The Harvest Moon Festival. The first time was during his first visit to Canada in 2006. Every time he has visited Canada we have made a trip to Clearwater where the festival and Harvest Moon Society call home. Planting seeds for the rise of Tonkiri...

Watch video of Juan at the Harvest Moon Festival in 2006.

This year Juan could just relax and observe the amazing scene developing around the festival and community. The time seems ripe for opening our centre here.


Juan below shows off his new WOLF (FLOW) shirt he bought at the fair trade market at the Harvest Moon Festival. I presume the the wolves on the shirt are howling at the Moon. Howling at the sync flow.


Perhaps the best highlight of the festival was Winnipeg band The Imaginary Cities headlining the Saturday night Main Stage.

A friend of mine Rusty is the mastermind behind this band.  Here he is below sporting an outline of Manitoba with a heart in place of Winnipeg, as well as a Trumpet, his first instrument he learned as a child.

Playing the final slot of the Saturday night under a moonless sky Imaginary Cities ends with their hit single Hummingbird. A joyful sign as Tonkiri is the Ashaninkan word for Hummingbird and the symbol of our healing centre to come.

T-shirts for Imaginary Cities include a Hummingbird and a horn blowing.

Midnight rolled over, the Imaginary Cities were finished their set and like clockwork Jupiter rose from behind the stage...

These pictures don't do it justice but you can see a little white light above the word festival in the first picture and the to the right top corner in the next. That's Jupiter. The Joy that is here and rising in hearts everywhere.

Now looking back at this weekend I realize that the Sunday, September 16th was the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and beginning of the High Holy Days leading to Yom Kippur on September 26th, 2012. Rosh Hashanah is the time in which our actions are recorded for judgement and the sealing of our fates. (Kind of like a court trial - I guess.)

The Shofar, a trumpet like instrument, is commonly associated with these Jewish holy days.

The sync trumpets are clearly being blown and heard far and wide.

The Harvest Moon Festival ends and we head back to Winnipeg for our final ceremonies at our new ceremony space. A hummingbird mural on the side is in honour of Tonkiri.


During our final ceremony Juan sports his headband with 3 gold stars. This I quickly recognize as the same formation as seen on the helmet of the 1995 Sylvestor Stallone Judge Dredd character. Why I know this is because the new version of Judge Dredd 3D opened on Friday September 21st.



Juan would later describe the 3 gold stars as symbolizing Saturn (Father), Mercury (Son) and Jupiter (Holy Spirit). He also has a silver line that symbolizes space and the red headband is for the World.

A world judged redd. 

Juan teaches that this configuration of stars is what is manifesting on Earth as we speak, and that the plants contain the Holy Spirit. Ayahuasca is a primary means for distributing the Holy Spirit (Joy) throughout the world.

On September 20th, the day after our last ceremony with Juan here, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights celebrated the last piece of glass being put on it. For myself and others this building is clearly the temple for the new age upon us. The last piece of glass is like the last piece of skin being put on the new temple. Skin is like Sync. Through sync/skin we can see the form of God on Earth. 


The very first Sync Whole post in 2009 was about the Human Rite museum. Read it here: A Dream Becomes a Reality 2012.

September 21st, International Peace Day, was Juan's last day in Winnipeg before starting his journey
back to Peru. We took some photos and celebrated our work over the last few weeks.

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights building can be best seen as the Temple at the end of the great Human Rite. Where we come together and celebrate humanity's hard work needed to realize Love on Earth. 

Coming out of Juan's crown is a feather and behind it is the building's Tower of Hope.


Juan Flores (flores is flowers in Spanish) standing outside Tonkiri in Winnipeg.

The hummingbirds are coming from all around to feed off the nectar, ready to spread it
around the world and to pollinate the new Garden on Earth. 

After saying goodbye to Juan and his family, @seallion  @spktrumsnaketin and myself (@syncwinnipeg) went to see the late showing of DreDD 3D (I like how there are 3 D's in the word Dredd and it is in 3D).

The other movie that opened that same day was End of Watch.

End of watch is Jake Gyllenhaal's first movie since I made the sync video StarG8or in which he plays a role.

StarG8or from Mayahuasca on Vimeo.

By Saturday September 22nd, Juan Dredd was gone and I was able to watch a movie with my wife at night.

We decided to watch Moonrise Kingdom as she had not seen it. September 22nd was the equinox this year.

This was the perfect movie to watch considering I started summer by watching Moonrise Kingdom and September 21st was actually Bill Murray's birthday who stars in it.

@Seallion's recent video in honour of Bill Murray's birthday and his silly sync web.

Bill Murray's birthday marks the September Equinox, something hit home by watching him in a movie on the Equinox.

Watching it a second time I realize Bill Murray lives at Summer's End in the movie. How sync perfect as his birthday is at summer's end as well! That is what the Equinox marks. The end of summer!

On Monday September 25th, @Seallion and I decide to go see the other movie that opened on the 21st and we see End of Watch.

Both Dredd 3D and End of Watch are about cops enforcing the law. They both are films of Judgement.

As Yom Kippur is today, the day that I write this and I now realize how heavily this time of year resonates this theme of judgement. Not only do the movies do so but it is also the time we enter the astrological sign of Libra, the Goddess of Justice and Balance. Yom Kippur as well signifies the end of the period that began with Rosh Hashanah and is the day that God judges and that we ask for forgiveness.

When God's watch ends, Love will reign. Our heart/earth will have the final word. Judged by our own hearts. Judge, Jury and Executioner. Judge Redd. Sentenced to Love with no chance of parole.

As I am writing this post today on Yom Kippur, I notice through the twitter feed that Andy Willams, famous for singing "Moon River" has died at the age of 84.

Funny thing is, that last year at this exact time @Seallion and myself presented the 42 minute and 42 second long sync video Moonkey. (42+42 =84 - just say'in)

The video uses the song Moon River.

Moonkey was presented as part of Nuit Blanche event at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. The date was October 1, 2011. Nuit Blanche means White Night.

This year Nuit Blanche is on Saturday, September 29th, the night of a Full Moon. What can only be described as a White Night in relation to a New Moon being a Dark Night.

Moonkey by the StArmy from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

This coming weekend as the moon approaches its fullness the movie Looper is being released into theatres. Looper stars Burce Willis, who is also in Moonrise Kingdom and Moonkey!

OK. That's all for now.

Have a wonderful Full Moon and White Night!



Photo by Len Peterson

This part of the story of ascension starts early in the morning of December 10 last year when I, @syncwinipeg and some friends saw the Eclipsing Red Moon over the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. (Jim: Let me add as well that December 10th, the day of the eclipse photos by the Human Rite museum is also considered International Human Rights Day and celebrated as such. Ok. That's it.)

Later that same day a new poster dropped at IMPawards, one of the places where we keep track of starry movements. This was the first time I had seen any image of The Dark Knight Rises. As a bit of a geek I remembered that the tale of Bane braking Batman was originally told in the Knightfall Comics of the early nineties.

The logo of Knightfall was an eclipsing Red Moon, just like the Red Moon Eclipse on the same day as the release of the poster for the film inspired by the Knightfall Comics. Strong sync. Little did I know, at that point, that the film itself would entrain with the Moon again by opening near The Dark Night aka New Moon, as Jim explains above.
This image represents a powerful moment for me as I made it the same day I saw Grimes - one of my favorite artists right then - sing "see you on a dark night" in Winnipeg on a New Moon aka a Dark Night. Connecting it with the release of The Dark Knight felt like an amazing sync which became even more potent when the Aurora Shooting happened.

The video "Web of the Dark Night" shows how the Spider-Man films entrain with The Dark Knight Aurora Shooting. Specifically of interest here Emma Stone is shown as starring in The Amazing Spider-Man and Gangster Squad whose trailer so eerily reflects the shooting it was pulled from circulation.  

Above we see a list of sequential 2012 moon phases including the July 3 Full Moon and the already much discussed July 18 New Moon (when Grimes sang: "See you on a dark night") near the release of  The Dark Knight.
These are screenshots from Wikipedia's 2012 in film page and we see the release dates of The Amazing Spider-Man (July 3) and The Dark Knight (July 20) both entrain with Moon Phases.
I didn't realize this when making "Web of the Dark Knight" but we now see that two of the key films referenced in that sync video are indeed associated with the Full Moon of July 3 (The Amazing Spider-Man) and its directly following New Moon on July 18 (The Dark Knight).
Today I walked passed this poster of Audrey Hepburn in a shop window and snapped it with my ever present and much loved iPhone camera.
I went to town, editing it heavily on the iPhone, adding the words "Moon River", as we are heading for a Full Moon on Saturday and Audrey sings the song "Moon River" in the film this poster is from, Breakfast at Tiffany's.
After publishing the picture to Instagram and Twitter as "Moon River" I see @syncwinipeg post our "Moonkey" sync video featuring Audrey singing "Moon River" in honor of Andy Williams who passed away today, who is also famous for singing the same song. We read how I explain that I had not known about Andy dying when posting the picture and Jim jokes that I am lying.
One of the key films in Moonkey is time travel film 12 Monkeys starring Bruce Willis. The MON of MONkey echoes MOON and the association of Monkeys and the Moon is explored overtly and at length in Moonkey.
We note Bruce Willis stars in another time travel film "Looper" that opens this weekend seeing a Full Moon on Saturday.
Just to reiterate, this weekend of the Full Moon aka White Night sees the same contemporary art celebration "Nuit Blanche" (meaning White Night!) that we created Moonkey for last year. A loop of syncs connecting last year and Bruce Willis' film career.
On another level a sync loop is being completed between the powerful events around the time of the June 18 New Moon aka Dark Night leading up to this Saturday September 29 Full Moon aka White Night.

See you on a White Night!

Audrey Hepburn's Birthday is May 4. I made the image above on that day earlier this year to celebrate, combining her moon resonating roles in Breakfast at Tiffany's and Sabrina. Scenes from these films are used in Moonkey.

May 4 is also the date The Avengers was released, the highest grossing film so far this year. 
I saw The Avengers on the Saturday evening of May 5 at Grant Park. When I walked out of one of the best movies I had ever seen I turned and saw the so called "Supermoon". That full moon "just so happened" to be timed perfectly with its perigee (closest approach), thus bigger and brighter then usual. I was kinda skeptical about the visibly bigger & brighter "Supermoon" till I saw it myself right after all the "Super Hero" action on the screen. It was indeed very special and perfect for 2012's biggest film (maybe we must wait for The Hobbit before we count our chickens..), opening on the same weekend.

Clearly the moon and cinema have a special relationship as shown up by the syncs related above. The moon is a big reflector of sunlight just like the film screen, shining because of the light from the projector. Both cinema and the moon also associate with silver, as the metal of the moon and as the silver screen.


  1. - - "Talking bout that Hummingbird" "My Lucky Day..... Hummingbird, Don't Fly Away" "She gits me where I live. I give her everything I have to give" "sISISter Gypsy", by Blackmoor's Night [Knight] uploaded by Mooncaster777 - -

  2. Tom Hardy in This Means War (Tuck/Right Brain) makes reference to the full moon goddess Selene as "I bet She has antlers and howls at the moon" and is mirrored in The Dark Knight Rises via Selina's part.

    This Means War is a left-hemisphere/right-hemisphere syncfest and Tom Hardy as the right brain archetype in Inception (Eames/dreams) was already on the radar. As soon as the character Bane said "Speak of the Devil and he appears", the Tuck/Puck placename clicked as that is a line directly associated with Puck(also known as Robin Goodfella (RobinHOOD)Pan, The Green Man(42), and the Trickster). Tom Hardy is hooded in several films.

    McG the director of This Means War may not come across as the most genius on the superficial perception level, but please.....Lauren(laurel/crown) as the rainbow bridge, and the battle between Tuck/Puck(right-brain) and FDR(left-brain) was syncnificantly obvious. This was the second Reese Witherspoon film to prominently display Klimt's The Kiss, as it also appeared in Just Like Heaven. FDR(left-brain) has an apartment that is literally the Underworld as his ceiling is a swimming pool and it's black/white and red all over. And Tuck/Puck's....there are PINECONE light fixtures, Bi-CYCLES, and a pic of a BLACK SWAN ST. sign behind right side of his head.

    The right-brain (left EYE, left hand, left-face(Two Face), the Moon, the night( dark Knight), dreams, the divine feminine aka, the Shadow....the BANE of the Iron Age cycle of a dominant left-hemisphere.

  3. "Katy Perry's ex dies after killing landlady"

    "Johnny Lewis, an ex-boyfriend of singer Katy Perry known for his role in TV series Sons of Anarchy, either jumped or fell to his death after allegedly attacking the woman at her house in the Los Feliz neighbourhood east of Hollywood".

    The last film he made (yet for release)was
    "City of Gardens"

    "A young California surfer has to grow up in a hurry when he is thrown into a Peruvian political prison in 1980".

    Peru ???

    "Juan Flores (flores is flowers in Spanish)" /
    "City of Gardens" ???

  4. Also,Lewis was in "The Runaways"

    starring Kristen "Twilight" Stewart and Dakota Fanning,also out of the "Twilight" saga.
    Also starring in "The Runaways" was Scout Taylor-Compton,which seems to sync with Bill Murray playing a scout leader in "Moonrise Kingdom".
    Scout Taylor-Compton also played Laurie Strode in the
    "Halloween" remake.

    Tatum O'Neal is also in "The Runaways" and of course her first acting roll was in a movie called "Paper Moon".

  5. "It represents, as best as I can tell, the emergence of SOMETHING. We don't know what. I don't know what. But it's gotta be right in front of me." - - "Paper Moon" O Ryan Neel. "Blue Star" Saw that movie with my mother when we said "good by"

    1. @Marg
      I saw that film at the cinema with my grandma when it was first released,but the thing I loved most about that movie was the song...which is a lot older than the movie -

      " It's Only a Paper Moon" was first published in 1933 but artists like Ella Fitzgerald have contributed to its timeless legacy. It was included in the play "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams.

      Say, its only a paper moon
      Sailing over a cardboard sea
      But it wouldn't be make-believe
      If you believed in me

      Yes, it's only a canvas sky
      Hanging over a muslin tree
      But it wouldn't be make-believe
      If you believed in me

      Without your love
      It's a honky-tonk parade
      Without your love
      It's a melody played in a penny arcade

      It's a Barnum and Bailey world
      Just as phony as it can be
      But it wouldn't be make-believe
      If you believed in me "

      Which suggests to me that even if the world is illusory,
      love is what makes it real and worth living.
      That's the true force of the universe.
      Without love in this universe there is no awe when we look to the heavens,it may as well be made of paper without that feeling in our hearts.

  6. Also while on the subject of "Paper Moon",
    Tatum O'Neal's father Ryan plays Moses Pray in the same movie.
    Plus,Peter Bogdanovich director of "The Last Picture Show" directed "Paper Moon" and the film he directed before that was
    "What's Up Doc",also starring Ryan O'Neal.
    Which for some reason reminds me of Kenneth Anger's poetic movie "Rabbit's Moon" -

    " Filmed under a blue filter and set within a wooded glade during the night, the plot revolves around a clown, Pierrot, his longing for the moon (in which a rabbit lives - a concept found in both Japanese and Aztec mythology), and his futile attempts to jump up and catch it. Subsequently, another clown (Harlequin) appears and teases Pierrot, showing him Columbina, with whom he appears to fall in love. "

    " The Moon rabbit in folklore is a rabbit that lives on the moon, based on pareidolia that identifies the markings of the moon as a rabbit. The story exists in many cultures, particularly in Aztec mythology and East Asian folklore, where it is seen pounding in a mortar and pestle.[1][2] In Chinese folklore, it is often portrayed as a companion of the moon goddess Chang'e, constantly pounding the elixir of life for her; but in Japanese and Korean versions, it is just pounding the ingredients for rice cake. "

    Interesting that Peter Bogdanovich is going to be in a movie called "Max Rose",starring Jerry Lewis as Max Rose.

    "The dignity of aging, the value of family, and the power of marriage. A widower revisits key moments in his life. "

    1. I watched Paper Moon last night :) I loved it. Madeline Kahn stars and her birthday is September 29 aka Full Moon aka White Night. Maybe I'll catch Clue today where she is Mrs. White. Peace in.

    2. Naomi Watts has her birthday on Sept 28th and is starring as Princes Diana in the movie "Diana".

      "In Roman mythology, Diana (lt. "heavenly" or "divine") was the goddess of the hunt and moon and birthing, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals."

    3. Totez, and she is in Moonkey with King Kong...

  7. Tom Hardy, Audrey Hepburn and the Moon River?

    Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive is also heavily Princess Diana resonant, even playing opposite a "Camilla" figure.

    Johnny Lewis is a "Son of Anarchy". Gnostic tyrant Yaldabaoth = "Son of Chaos". Katy Perry as Labyrinth Girl overthrows Demiurge masquerading as Prince (the Buddha on the Road). Or, rather, Johnny as hapless Hero attempts to slay the mad Mother, and in turn slays himself.

  8. RE: Naomi Watts
    "Her father's manic laugh can be heard in Pink Floyd's
    "Speak to Me" and "Brain Damage" from
    "The Dark Side of the Moon".
    Watts is pictured in her mother's arms with her father, brother, the band, and other crew members, in the hardback/softcover edition of drummer Nick Mason's autobiography of the band "Inside Out".

    " Watts was in a relationship with director Stephen Hopkins in the 1990s and actor Heath Ledger from August 2002 to May 2004."

    Interestingly Stephen Hopkins was the director of
    "A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child" (number 5)

  9. The "Blue Dot" is also called the "Blue Pearl"

    Was just pointed toward an excellent podcast on Gnosticism (from the Mask of God blog)

    The podcast the blog points to elaborates on a gospel of the Acts of Thomas, part of the Christian canon which was allegedly excised called "Tale of the Pearl"

    This elaborates on the Gnostic view that the material world is a limiting situation (fake / artificial) for the soul. I was listening to this around the same time as thinking about fake microcosm / fake macrocosm mirroring.

    Hymn of the Pearl ("Hymn of the Pearl" in the Acta Thomae). (Hans Jonas, The Gnostic Religion)
    Great podcast / lecture

    Ryan O'Neal's name points to the "Blue Pearl" or Blue Star.

  10. Sync Lunacy! Peace in beautiful friends!

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