Thursday, August 30, 2012



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so, boom- i'm watchin the 2012 Republican National Convention, like i do every election year, and suddenly, who pops on the screen but the lovely and talented miss Mia Love. (actual name.. but, not her birth name).

this is Mia:

right on time

..first off: her Name's MIA!
ME-ah.. or MAYA depending on how You say it.. in classic synk fashion.. "Mia" is essentially a stagename; she was born Ludmya Bordeau, then met and married a nice Utah boy named Jason Love. Mia is a hardcore right-wing "post-racial" conservative, and the current mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah.

Mia has 3 children.

Mia is the only the 3rd mayor Saratoga Springs has ever had.

Mia began her political career on the Saratoga Springs city council in 2003, and took office as mayor 7 years later, in 2010.

i think that's three threes

..there's more.

i love love

apparently- Mia does Not love President Obama.

squeaky clean and super sassy, she is the new Sarah Palin.. Mama Grizzly on the attack; retro-fitted with a smooth chocolatey covering, a touch of good ol' midwestern soul, and a few extra public speaking prep sessions. her parents immigrated to america from Haiti, the disaster-torn country that Hurricane Isaac flooded a few short days before the RNC Convention.

and, to top it all off- She's a Mormon

..and lovin it

The current right-wing presidential candidate, Willard Mitt Romney, is also famously Mormon. He was a mormon preacher. also- it seems significant that this convention showcases Mia sharing Mitt's Mormon Moment, especially given the fact that the mormon religion did not allow black people to preach mormonism until 1978, and only then after being pressured by the advocates of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's.

and loving it

man in white

men in white

for those unfamiliar with Mormonism: it was founded by a man named Joseph Smith, who says he saw a divine vision in which angels revealed to him [alone] the secret location of a stack of golden pages inscribed with what would later become The Book Of Mormon, the cornerstone of the mormon faith.

men in white/light [right]

as per usual, the artifacts in question -the many golden pages of mormon- were never recovered. he gathered 11 "witnesses" to vouch for his claims; the first 3 witnesses, known collectively as The Three Witnesses, were eventually kicked out of the church for reasons unknown. two of them later returned, but none of them ever actually turned against mormonism.

this is Joseph Smith:

well- sort of..


yes yes, mormonism is fun, but- i digress.
let's get back to the Love.

the 2012 republican national convention, strangely enough, is chock full of Love :) first- in one of the most awkward convention speeches i have ever seen, the loving wife of Mitt Romney, Ann Romney, loudly proclaimed "I LOVE YOU WOMEN!!".. mid-speech.. so awkward..

i love memes

it was an absurdly obvious moment of pandering for female voters, some of whom may have been turned off by talk of a right-wing "War On Women" being waged by a group of conservative legislators who all happen to be pushing/supporting new laws to restrict abortion rights, or outlaw it all together. and the 2012 political games continue..

he looks confused

again, i digress- to continue the Love Theme;

just look at all that passion

congressman Chris Christie, one of the right-wing's always outspoken, "straight-talk" characters also awkwardly brought up Love.. but in a very different way. according to congressman christie, love is Bad.. sort of..

..The greatest lesson Mom ever taught me, though, was this one: She told me there would be times in your life when you have to choose between being loved and being respected,” he said. “She said to always pick being respected, that love without respect was always fleeting — but that respect could grow into real, lasting love.”He added: “Now, of course, she was talking about women.”But applied to government, Christie said “We have become paralyzed by our desire to be loved... Tonight, we’re going to choose respect over love,in stark contrast to Ann Romney’s speech that immediately preceded his, which was focused on love.

CHRISTie countered Ann's soft lady love with some hard-edged tough Love; a more masculine version of love he calls "respect"  :\

and then- 
to top it all off- 
a wedding proposal.

a republican staffer brought his girlfriend on stage and proposed in front of all the cameras.. a photo-op synk moment if there ever was one.

....gotta love politics.




  1. I digress, Rnc is akin to bombastic nuckle dragging misanthropes. Dennis

  2. Laura Bowman? As in... Cupid? Hearts and flowers all around.

    You may know that the original "golden plates" of Mormonism were most likely the fly agaric mushroom. We Three Kings. I'm sorry that the source info on Joe is no longer there, really a great read.

  3. The RNC's cupid Laura Bowman syncs to Dave Bowman from 2012:ASO and Ellie ARROWay from Contact. They really went all out this time. Unfortunately, you can't manufacture real love (someone should tell them that).

  4. Mormonism is a cult, and proves how men do really only think with their dicks! Is this really the guy you want as a President, a figure-head for America - a real dick-head? I am being ironic of course, but its shocking to us 'outsiders' how a cult such as 'Mormonism' can have taken such a hold over the population. What next? A Scientologist running for president would be interesting!

    I'm also wondering what Mormonism's has to say about foreign policies such as waging war with Syria for example. What does it mean for American Catholics? Will the Athiests and the LGT people get a bad deal now? The Mars Mission - are we allowed to venture out into space - won't this go against the higher order of the Elders of the Church Of Jesus Christ of the Later Day Saints? Will weaponizing space be off the agenda now? These are legitimate questions to ask Mormon I believe! ;-)

  5. so wait, did the Utah mayor take her name from a George Harrison song?

  6. Mormons ??? NO ! JEWS inside ! Les Juifs, ma petite, les Juifs et seulement les Juifs sionistes !

  7. Has anyone watched Andras Jones's syncing of "The Who's" Lifehouse songs to "The Matrix" movie?

    And if so,what did you think of it?