Thursday, June 3, 2010

pynk synk thynk (kyssed by a rose...)

"Though Cousin Beyonce and Lady [Gaga] GorGon went out of their way to steal everyone's attention (as usual), it was Pink who came through with the hardcore symbolic booty. And this wasn't the kind of garbled, rudimentary, pseudo-Masonic tedium that's being tossed lately by artists like Jay-Z or Rihanna- no, this was something else entirely..."

-Chris Knowles on the 2010 Grammys

the single glove was just a stylistic decision

hail mary

i don't know what it is, but Alecia Beth Moore -the singer popularly known as P!NK- really, really, really does it for me. ever since her first single... i mean, Yes. her amazing body, the piercing focus in her eyes, the sharp sneer in her lips... and -oh man- that booty. just lovely. how fitting then, that she synks. y'know, with a "k"...

P!nk chose her moniker to be ironic; she was the consummate tomboy growing up and not a big fan of the color. following this theme, most of her career has been about being the satirical, ironical, anti-popstar: the answer to the [pink] bubblegum flood of copyKat Kittens like Britney Spears and KrisTina Aguilera, while still being, by any definition, a popstar. in this respect, she reflects the anti-hero meme i've been consumed with recently via Batman, Obama and Tyler Durden, and recent discussions among the Sync Whole crew regarding our strange-attractions to the things we despise in synk...

the color pink was first brought to my attention -synkwise, that is- by a thread on the synchromysticism forum. the thread exhibited much of the the manic chaos that i've come to expect from that forum, so i never really got a hold of the energy around that synk, but i supposed it needed to simmer. the next time it popped up was in Wonderland III at The Patternist. in a post that began by analyzing red/white duality via the red and white queens of wonderland, i had to remove an entire section of the post that dealt with the color pink as the Coming Together of this duality to complete the picture of the goddess. i felt like the post was overflowing... now i know better...

sometimes i'm not even sure if i'm synking...

For starters, P!nk's actual name is Alecia, a modern variation of the name Alice, reflecting our famous Wonderland explorer recently 3D'd, and the main character from the Resident Evil film series played by Milla Jovovich. Milla also does the Little-Girl-Lost thing in The Fifth Element, where we find some delicious costume synkery...

seewhatimean? just fine.
i've come to grips with the idea that ogling hotties
is a legitimately healthy form of goddess worship.
[happy juno!]

moving on...

a quick look at P!nk's website emphasizes her recent Funhouse Tour (which sounds a lot like Britney Spears' Circus Tour), which is NoW live in Australia...

a lil synk wynk for doug

booty . bridge . octagon-star . booty

"In June 2009 the album [P!nk's 'I'm Not Dead'] returned once again to the Australian top ten album charts in its 142nd week in the national top fifty..."

the Funhouse Tour is P!nk's 3rd international tour; like so many other pop princesses i've studied -despite my aversion- P!nk also sees quite a bit of trinity action. synkwise, i mean. she started her career as one-of-three in the girl-group Choice, whose fifteen minutes came when they were tapped to record a soundtrack song for Kazaam called "Key To My Heart". Kazaam is a movie about a genie played by Shaquille O'Neal... if the synknificance of that is lost on ya, i recommend checking out Arrowsmith's Diesel Denim Dog Star, which, just in time for our Heart Spill, also touches on the idea of oil as blood.

not as fine as Beyonce, though...

hey! this is actually going somewhere, kind of! alriiiight. moving on.

P!nk-in-trinity slipped into my early Beyonce studies in The(Bee)yonce(Know)les as one of the three pop stars playing warrior women in the "We Will Rock You" Super Bowl commercial and accompanying ad campaign, along with Beyonce and Britney (also referenced by Arrowsmith [whattupRich]);

following the warrior-triple-goddess theme, P!nk shows up on another synknificant soundtrack; Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle with the song "Feel Good Time", again synking her up with Beyonce, whose group Destiny's Child had their breakout international hit "Independent Woman Pt. 1", also a Charlie's Angels song.

P!nk synks with my girl Beeyonce (and Wonderland III) once again in the Grammy performance video at this post's opening by being "hung up" for a show;

ummm... yeah

the whole hung-up thing seems to resonate the Hanged Man tarot card, but that's about as far as my tarot knowledge goes... perhaps another synker can decode that one... this "Hanged" synk extended to Madonna...

...who showed up in triplicate, and in pink. this face of the madonna in pop -literally translated as "our lady"- could not be more reflective of the goddess, methinks... juno, isis, queen of heaven, the pinky fleshy bleeding heart... hail mary

in case y'all haven't figured it out yet, this post has pretty much been one big excuse for me to put up pictures of several forms of fine-ness. i mean, if we're gonna do the whole Pink thing here, why not use the opportunity to check out some booty?

this is not just a booty shot;
this is an "Alice In Wonderland" reference. really.

i welcome the comments of anyone offended by that last statement.


Angelina Jolie has these massive iconic lush pink lips, which maybe 50 percent of her posters designs take advantage of.
Lips are very close in shape to hearts.
Just like hearts, lips alternate between pink and red.
I' not sure which color associates more to lips and hearts..
Red or pink..? Often they look the same to me I can't always distinguish.
Anyway, it is fitting that Jolie's iconic lip presence also attracts heart/love themes in movies.
Ads sync gravity to the idea of lips and kisses as also being hearts.

One more idea has occurred to me before about lips. They are anagrams for pills. This seems random and silly and that's just about when I get really interested.

You put pills into your mouth via the portal of the lips.

Then I remembered that P!nk has a song called Your Just Like a Pill. Not that this is going anywhere yet.. Tinkering..


hearts are lips for halo queens

-the "and" of things-
v for vagina is lips is heart
sacred heart, sacred blood, rosa cross
(d ' n ' a)
the and of things
gotta love it

"...just like a pill..."

medium is message is hard to swallow


oh yeah, almost forgot this one:



  1. see the Logo of the corpotaration-constructor of DaviD
    in Artificial Intelligence

  2. Nice toure!
    Here's another pop culture "goddess" resonating ISIS in Egypt (PAR-ISIS Hilton)
    - pics at Paris visits Egypt

    In her own words she adds - "Love the PINK" in the caption of of her twitpic


  3. {No, no, Notorious..}

    Hah, sicker than your average Poppa
    Twist cabbage off instinct niggas don't think shit stink
    pink gators, my Detroit players

    Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see
    Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
    And I just love your flashy ways
    Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid (uh)

  4. Thinking Of Pink...

    The Pink Lotus, Nelumbo Nucifera, is used to make a great Tea in certain parts of the world, and according to David L. Spess is a prime candidate as being one of, if not the prime original ingrediant of Soma.

    Madonna in the video for her song "Love Profusion", just before walking on water, is shown walking on a thin island lined on both sides by Pink Lillies on the water, thus making them Pink Water Lillies. Lotus is often used to refer to both actual Lotuses such as Nelumbo Nucifera as well as water lillies such as the so called Blue Lotus or Nymphaea Caerulea.

    The Pink Lotus, Nelumbo Nucifera, is also used to make an Absolute OIL that smells absolutely Divine. That is the Blood Of The Lotus.

    Note the BP logo looks very much like a stylized Lotus.

    You pointed out Britney Spears with Pink hair, it is worth noting that in her music video for "Womanizer" she is repeatedly shown in a steam room with Lotuses.

    In the music video for Britney Spear's "Radar" we are shown a fountain, with a rider on a horse, and in the fountain are various colored Lotuses.
    Britney also included a Lotus as an ingrediant in one of her perfumes.

    Pink being one of my favorite colors, the Lotus being my favorite flower (especially when represented as a fleur-de-lis), it is fun to note that you posted this on my Bee Day June 3rd.

    You could say the Blue and Pink and any color Lotus are "synchromystically" interchangable symbols.

    The reference to Kazaam is also interesting.

    Genie's are often depicted as being kept in an OIL lamp, or in a glass "Brandy Bottle".

    Another Lotus, Nymphaea Lutea is actually called the "Brandy Bottle Lotus" which if memory serves me correctly was first discovered in America by a man writing "an illustrated book about birds".

    Which reminds me of one of my favorite lyrics by Nirvana, "nothing on top but a bucket and a mop and an illustrated book about birds". The name of the band itself being a reference to Buddhism which considers the Lotus sacred, most often depicting Buddha with the Pink Lotus.

    The infamous Buddhist phrase/prayer "Om Mani Padme Hum" can be translated as "Hail the jewel in the lotus".

    In Gwen Stefani's music video "What You Waiting For?" off her first solo album L.A.M.B., as the giant Alice stuck in a house we see Pink goo dripping down over the windows.

    Avril Lavigne also did a music video where Pink goo/paint comes through the walls, though the name of the song eludes me at the moment.

    Jason Mraz (The Son Mr. A-Z) has a great song called "Geek In The Pink", he also happens to sing the opening song to my favorite movie right now which is When In Rome, so I say let's bee grizzlies :)

    - Love Just

  5. @Jake:
    Great catch on/in the Lips!

    We've got a whole new dimension of Lip Sync here... LoL

    "run justas fast as I can to the middle of nowhere" ... to the center now here.

    "Just like a pill", funny how just like some people can find pills hard to swallow, they can find Love hard to swallow, even when they know deep down that it is real and that it justis what they have truly been looking for, that's just the way it is, that's normal.

    Such a common theme in movies, true love just arrives in your life, and sometimes it is hard to accept, it may not be exactly what you expected, but there it is waiting for you.

    As the story usually goes, that true love that arrives will "just keep coming around" (to quote my buddy Adam Lambert from "Whataya Want From Me") and do whatever it takes to just bee there for you.

    - Love Just

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  7. in italy pink is >Rosa< ....

  8. June 3rd (day this post started) is the Anniversary of the Peg Leg Cornerstone Ceremony...

    "On June 3, 1914 the north-east cornerstone ceremony, which was commonly done by masons, was laid by Thomas Kelly, the contractor."

    - Love Just

  9. I noticed that in the movie Coraline, she lives at the Pink Palace Appartments.

  10. ROFL ;)

  11. You know, I've had some unkind things to say about Gaga, but I didn't realize she has such a smoking hot body (I could never get past her music, and um, the face). Damn. Of course the same goes for Pink (that is, if you like that gymnast build) and Beyonce (though she's the only conventionally beautiful one of the three). I gotta admit that I found the 'Single Ladies' video to be absolutely hypnotic-I could stare at her thighs for hours. Angelina Jolie has allowed herself to become denatured and Madonna is just sad.

    This was yet another great jam- and thanks for the quotage. The Australia map is pure hilarity.