Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i've lost the mask

just keep swimming

2010; year of the tiger... contact...

...with krist konsciousness and the deep blue and the whole-y sun

nemO - Omen - Prophecy... amen

"...[the mask] was the only chance i had of finding my Son..."

" might all be a well-crafted mask. For the purposes of the pattern, it seems, validity of that truth is, somehow, both irrelevant to the meaning beneath, and the key to seeing beyond it."

Here Leo is the son-king, while his true father is Satan via End of Days,
and his surrogate father is Scar via Lion King

it takes a big ego 
to quote one's self

it is so much easier
with my mask on

thanks to you all



  1. Awesome work. It all floWs perfectly.

  2. now THAT was a fun post
    great work all
    <3, duke



  4. You're flowin toure!

    last "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" show
    ran a NEMO segment! (quite a few more syncs than that 2!)
    and watch it at


  5. Dig that LEOnardo DiCaprio Iron Mask.

  6. just turned on the World Cup Opening Concert to find Black Eyed Peas' performing in an iron mask...

  7. Nice one TyeGar.

    I was actually thinking of a scene from Finding Nemo just moments before opening up your new post. :)

  8. TyeGar.

    The new age is less about the particle and more about the wave.
    The spokes finally feel connected to the center.
    flow brothers.

  9. vanilla skyyyy pink mask!

  10. or like when in you the Klu Klux Klan and you want to hide your identity or when your having an mascaraed orgy with the Gay Priest Class, or when you have you have to put a bag over a girl's face and draw a picture of Burt Reynolds in order to get off.

  11. @Toure,

    check the NEWS for 16 yr old (16 = 4^2) Abigail "Abby" Sunderland (ABYSS Under land)
    in the Indian Ocean, sailing the world in the Wild Eyes.