Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wolf Den End Flow: Now Also Available in Taco Flavor


"Come any closer and I will rip you to shreds." - Black Wolf in The Neverending Story.

In 2009 while up in Thompson Manitoba @Seallion & myself first started seeing the relationship between WOLF & FLOW. Interestingly enough is that the indigenous teaching of the wolf here in Canada is often HUMILITY. Humility is the main thing that allows one to flow with every moment presented to them.

Here are the old posts dealing with this from 2009.

Juniper Flow

God Flow like a Wolf Dog

At the end of our trip up North we visited the local zoo and met the WOLF kept there named ZEUS.

Now speed up to 2012, the supposed year where time ENDs and we have Liam Neeson acting in numerous films to do with the END.

In THE GREY he finds himself in a WOLF DEN where he meets his END.

In WRATH OF THE TITANS he plays ZEUS and it is the END of the world as he mentions.

He is also in BATTLESHIP another movie about the end of the world, this time by aliens.

Finally he has a small role in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES which is all about the END of Batman's journey.

So I made this simple little video highlighting what I see as a good example of non-local sync awareness facilitated by cinema.


It's the end of the world as I gnosis and I feel vine...

Yesterday (Feb 22) evening I notice a humorous anagram for "ACT OF VALOR", being "TACO FLAVOR".
Syncs that seem pointless and funny are some of my favorite, making me take a closer look. Act of Valor is released tomorrow on Feb 24.
A quick Google search reveals that the most popular reference to Taco Flavor is from a South Park episode where Eric Cartman's hand plays the part of Jennifer Lopez singing the song "Taco-Flavored Kisses"

Some quick digging reveals that 12 years ago today, Feb 23 2000, Jennifer Lopez stole the show at the 42nd Grammy Awards with her famous Green Versace "Jungle" dress.
J.Lo is presenting (along with David Duchovny) the award for Best R&B Album and one of the nominees is Whitney Houston (TLC however took the award).

Whitney Houston dramatically died on Feb 11, the day before this years 54th Grammy Awards.

The producers of the Grammy's scrambled and were able to put together a tribute with Jennifer Hudson singing Whitney's iconic "I Will Always Love You".

Feb 11 (the day Whitney passed) is the 42nd day of the year and the Birthday of another Jennifer - having already seen Jennifer Lopez & Jennifer Hudson - that is Jennifer Aniston.
Jennifer Aniston stars in another film opening tomorrow with Act of Valor, Wanderlust.
Jennifer Aniston drinking Ayahuasca in Wanderlust.

This is significant as the first major film featuring the use of the plant brew Ayahuasca.
42 - that we have seen come up as the number Grammy where Jennifer Lopez presents in her Green dress & in connection to Feb 11 - is of course the number of Jupiter/Zeus.
This morning (Feb 23) while lying in shavasana (a relaxation pose at the very end of a series of yoga postures) a forgotten dream from the night before just popped back into my consciousness. The content was vague but the overall memory of it involving the film Enough by Jennifer Lopez was clear. I have never seen this film and took this dream as a sign to give it a play.
Buddy @sacredscience invited me out for brunch after yoga and we had a nice chat about all things mystical and esoteric. I explained my plans to catch Enough owing to a dream message and ranted at length about James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. I was explaining how this notoriously unreadable tome with its stream of consciousness puns, anagrams and layer upon layer of ambiguity is pure sync and prophetically designed to be cut up and mixed in with the Twitter stream, finally unlocking its potential as it will undoubtedly harmonize perfectly with our sync tweets (or something like that..).
I arrive home and luck out as Enough's torrent file is well seeded and downloads in 5 minutes. Hit play & right out of the gate Jennifer Lopez explains how she is reading Finnegans Wake!

That's actually one of the loudest syncs I've seen in a while and feel very blessed to have witness it unfold, thanks Starmaker!
Jennifer Lopez's father is Jupiter (played by actor Fred Ward) in this film...
On my way to work this evening where I finished this addition the song Taco-Flavored Kisses from South Park was stuck in my head. Right as the word "taco" is passing through my head my eyes focus on the TACO in TACOri coming out of the environmental clutter on a bus ad.

Friday, February 17, 2012

spark..? check. now what


the now is live, and pop goddess is the subject, so it's synk time with Toure...


on february 11th, 2012 - 2/11/2012 - the world paused collectively to recognize the passing of Whitney Elizabeth Houston, one of the most influential PoP stars of our age, second only, perhaps, to the late great Michael Jackson..

sparkle finger

Whitney's death is connected, not so eerily perhaps, to the death of Michael Jackson in that both artists transitioned right before making a comeback, and both *allegedly* died of willful drug overdose.. and both of their doctors were/are suspected of foul play. the much-affirmed pattern of pop stars found overdosed- from Marilyn Monroe to Heath Ledger- smacks of conspiracy.. yet still makes practical sense in the context of the beautiful beast that is the celebrity lifestyle.. such is synk. practical conspiracy..

..all according to plan, though, right?

Like Mike- Whitney Houston transitioned right before a major career "comeback" event.. Mike passed right before his "This Is It" world tour, and Whitney would've seen the release of her fifth major motion picture, a remake of a 1976 film entitled Sparkle;

three blue ladies

"A film about how fame changes people's lives. When a trio from Harlem makes it in the music biz one of them succeeds, one of them finds love, and one of them falls into drugs. "Supremes" like music was written by funk legend Curtis Mayfield, the front man for the band "The Impressions" and the artist behind the incredible Superfly film soundtracks. (Written by Joel Schumacher)"
three red ladies

The original Sparkle also starred Mary Alice,
who played the re-birthed oracle in Matrix: Revolutions..


three red ladies - sister & the sisters

the 1976 Sparkle was about the celebrity-life trials of a three-woman pop singing group, loosely based on Diana Ross and The Supremes. This is the same premise as Beyonce's 2006 musical, Dreamgirls..

..and a dash of sparkle

[from Goodbye Kiss For Camera @thepatternist]

in Dreamgirls, the three-woman pop group includes Jennifer Hudson, an actress who exemplifies the pop star dream..

..before she was winning oscars [and singing at Super Bowls], Hudson started her career humbly as a contestant on American Idol, just like Whitney Houston's Sparkle co-star, Jordin Sparks..

blue vs red

red vs blue. ..and.. with sparkle

i need more sparkle

Jordin Sparks synks with Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson by being the pop Star who gets to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.. at Super Bowl 42, no less..

Jennifer Hudson performed the very next year at Super Bowl 43, shocking many of her fans by appearing three months after her nephew, mother and brother had been murdered [?]. Whitney Houston performed at Super Bowl 25, and the performance put her on the global stage..

not so sparkly

zombie apocalypse

who sung the 2012 Super Bowl national anthem?
former American Idol contestant, Kelly Clarkson

the super-hyped 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show featured another three-woman pop Star group: Madonna, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A...

now with triple the sparkle

as the blogoshpere has already uncovered, Madonna synks here tarot-style as the High Priestess, complete with headress/mask and throne, sitting atop twin sphinxes..

seriously..? [sparkle]

[ Spotted By Vigilant Citizens ]
“The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the 'church experience' and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful.” 

man in black sparkle, madonna kneeling in worship

..aaand, as a personal shout-out to me, Madonna, her producers, and the universe decided to end the performance with CeeLo joining in for "Like A Prayer", a song whose video features Madonna getting some holy lovin from [not-] Black Jesus..

"A brunette Madonna, afraid that the thugs might harm her, goes to a church and prays before a statue of an African saint, which then comes to life. Madonna and the saint make love on the altar, compelling her to go to the police and provide an alibi for the young man."

[not] black jesus. and [no] that is [not] Marilyn Monroe..

power finger

f--k you sparkle

my personal favorite of the three, M.I.A., stole the show with a gesture, flipping a punk-rock middle finger to the camera.. gesture malfunction.. M.I.A. is also MAYA -her real name is Maya- reflecting the surprising [yet unsurprising] popularity of the 2012 mayan calendar doom prophecy, and in turn, how a Sync Philosophy, by way of rumors of the "occult", has become Pop.

rainbow sparkle

the day after Whitney Houston died, the 54th Grammy Awards were held; the show must go on, after all.. the awards featured a shock-and-awe style performance from the Third goddess in the Trio, the pop sex kitten of the moment, the incomparable miss Nicki Minaj..

black red riding hood and white holy father 

of course, speaking of rumors of the occult, Minaj had to arrive dressed completely in red, escorted by a parody of the PoPe.. Love, Lust, and the Sacred mashed together in the spotlight of PoPular parody, once again..

hip-hop sparkle

Minaj is a play on menage e'trois, a the french term for a sexy three-way, again reflecting the triple.. and in March, the 3rd month of 2012, Nicki Minaj will appear on a trio of magazine covers..

with the 2012 Grammy Awards, Nicki Minaj, her producers, and the universe seemed to aim to give the conspiracy-hungry occult-symbolism crowd a good show to feed the blogs, complete with Lady Gaga-style religious controversy, sex juxtaposed with christian imagery, and an on-stage exorcism thrown in for good measure.

you can see the strings

P!nk's Grammy performance of the song "Glitter"

the unsettling darkness of this *staged* desecration of the feminine, through the *suggested* possession of Nicki Minaj by demonic spirits, is a sharp contrast to the whimsical reverence of Madonna's cheer-happy Super Bowl priestess-worship love-fest, and also to the more poignant, solemn reverence of Jennifer Hudson's Whitney Houston tribute performance of the song "I Will Always Love You" that very same night..

and as synk would have it, the musical tv show Glee, known for its super-PoP renditions of classic songs, featured Whitney Houston's most popular single, "I Will Always Love You" on its special Valentine's Day episode, filmed just in time to air on Valentine's Day, just three days after Whitney Houston died.

..of course, it makes practical sense, for V-day, that the singer, Amber Riley, another former American Idol wannabe, would perform the song's famous climax in a shiny red dress..

..gotta have that sparkle..


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ UPDATE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

wtf am i supposed to do with this

ok. so;

everything syncs. got it.

synk has gone pop. obvious.

the illuminati conspiracy has been thoroughly outed, no?

. . . #dotdotdot

in the Now that is OnLine [where you are now],
V is for Viral.. [among other things]

sparkle on demand

..look; this is my 'what now' face