Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquake Eclipse

Toronto Earthquake:Earthquakes Today – Earlier today an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 was felt in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, as Canada prepares to host 2010 G8/G20 Summit and welcome dozens of world leaders.
The G8/G20 or GG is the Twin G-Stars. Two suns/Second Sun. Earthquake in Toronto today as the G8 delegation arrives.

Also reported today:

TORONTO - Toronto actress Tracy Wright, who frequently collaborated with husband Don McKellar on films including "Monkey Warfare," "Highway 61," and the upcoming concert film, "This Movie is Broken," has died.

She appeared in TriGGer/Eclipse/Kids in the Hall Episode 2.14

June 2010 Lunar Eclipse

partial lunar eclipse will take place on June 26, 2010, the first of two lunar eclipses in 2010. The second will be a total eclipse on December 21, 2010.
The Earthquake marks the landing of the G8 delegates and last day of the main run of the Cosmic TiGGer. The death of Tracy right from Toronto - reported on the same day as the quake - entrains with Saturdays upcoming Eclipse and the Tigger/Trigger.
"Pull the Tri69er, time to unleash the Cosmic Ti69er"
Left to Right Jim, Doug, Kevin and Reid (Strange Eye) just before Ayahuasca ceremony last night June 22

Here in Winnipeg 4 of The Sync Whole members (and sync blogger Strange Eye) got together to celebrate the Cosmic TiGGer which ended today as Kevin and Doug flew home.

The idea of sync and the Cosmic TiGGer is to further the Entertrainment one can realize by inviting the joy of being into your heart.

The Cosmic Tigger entrains perfectly with Tracy Wrights last film to be released posthumously called Trigger. The name Cosmic Ti69er Combines the Themes of 2010 as year of the Tiger and is influenced by Robert Anton Wilson's The Cosmic Trigger.
2010's Trigger with Tracy and Sarah Polley.
Sarah Polley is in Splice. Dreamed a few weeks ago about Road to Avonlea, which I thought was a cartoon, only to discover it is actually a TV series with Sarah Polley, who appears in Splice, opening the same week as the dream.
SPLICE=ECLIPSE resonating the Eclipse of this coming Saturday!!

Looks like potent resonance and syncnificance as we move into Cancer 21 June – 22 July 2010.
Saw character Buttercup in Toy Story 3 with Jim and Kevin. Kevin said he had been having many unicorns syncs while Jim had been going on about the King of Kings Statue (K2) that was struck by lightning on the 14 of June.
The statue was nicknamed Touchdown Jesus and Big Butter Jesus as he looks like he is made out of butter.

"The statue had a 42-foot (13 m) span between its upraised hands"
: says Wiki
Big Butter Jesus (who we know resonates Zeus/Jupiter thus the TinMan) burned until only his frame was left. Jesus after being struck by Lightning/Zeus is unveiled as the TinMan, further corroborated by his 42 (Jupiter/Tin) feet arm span.


So I had lots of Butter/Cream and Milk on my mind during the week...
Margarine resonates Butter and Sarah Polley has an interesting connection here.
Becel controversy

In 2009, Becel margarine commissioned Polley to direct a two-minute short "to inspire women to take better care of that particular vital organ".[7] A week before the short's planned premiere in Canada during a commercial break during the broadcast of the 82nd Academy Awards, Polley attracted headlines for taking her name off the film. Polley had understood that the film, titled "The Heart," would be used to promote the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, but was unhappy with the association with Becel. "I have since learned that my film is also being used to promote a product. Regretfully, I am forced to remove my name from the film and disassociate myself from it. I have never actively promoted any corporate brand, and cannot do so now," Polley said.[8][9][10] Polley stated that she had only learned of Becel's association with the film in March 2010. Nevertheless, Becel had been a sponsor of the Heart Truth campaign since early 2008 and an article in the Globe and Mail that linked the two was published in December 2009.[11] In response, Becel said it was a "founding sponsor" of the Heart Truth campaign and had commissioned the film "to put heart health on the radar of Canadian women

Wiki Sarah Polley Controversy

Jim made the below graphic a few weeks ago, I just love it.
It has CUP (like butterCUP) as C-UP, See Up or C-Arrow which can then look like Bow and Arrow.

At the same time he decided to show how heart shapes joined can look like a butterfly. Freakin weird then that this would somehow spell out the very sync that would grab my attention above, BUTTER(fly)CUP.

Further the C-UP is associated to Jupiter/Zeus as "Bow & Arrow" and "Heaven Above" (aka See Up) point to this sphere.

Our Butter Jesus, just like Jim's diagram, makes the same connection. Butter and C-UP aka Jupiter/Zeus.

Jon Kidd writes in the comments:

Margarine is only a few molecules away from oil. Texas Tea. That alignment is to crazy.

Crazier still when we learn that the Big Butter Jesus lightning event, late at night on the 14th of June, reported on the 15th, was followed by Bp ship Discover Enterprises (loaded name, sheesh!) being hit by Lightning, causing a fire, also on June 15!
But it suffered a setback on Tuesday when a bolt of lightning struck the the Discoverer Enterprise, the ship capturing oil from the blown-out well, and ignited a fire that halted containment efforts.

Again we find the Oil Spill and Jesus intensely connected to Jesus via sync.

See This Sync Whole Post for more.

Jims Icaro at the Seat of the Creator in Manito Ahbee

Butterfly Spirit visitor at Manitoahbee as @syncwinnipeg sings icaro on creators chair petroform.

Other then the Black and White one above we saw other Butterfly friends at Manitoahbee.
"Canadian Tiger Swallowtail: I think this is the type of Butter coloured Butterfly that visited us today at Manito Ahbee" says Jim on Twitter

I think he is correct. I have some shots but I'll have to ad them later, something is on the frits with Facebook and I am late for an appointment.

"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"


These are the words for an icaro I first sang in ceremony on June 18th, first night of Cosmic Ti69er. They where inspired by interactions I have had with the Blue Morpho butterfly in the jungle of Peru.

Blue Butterfly

Butterfly in the Blue
Twirling around

Butterfly in the Blue
Touching the ground

Butterfly in the Blue
Making no sound

Butterfly in the Blue
I'm turning into you

Butterfly in the Blue
Shimmering like a star

Butterfly in the Blue
For flowers you travel so far

Butterfly in the Blue
As beautiful as you are

Butterfly in the Blue
We're turning into you

Butterfly in the Blue
Fluttering with grace

Butterfly in the Blue
Discovering inner space

Butterfly in the Blue
You reveal the eternal face

Butterfly in the Blue
God, I love you.

Kevin: StrangEye pointed out this lovely line from Barack Obamas speach on the 24th of June.

"Our team is moving forward in Synch"


  1. Margarine is only a few molecules away from oil. Texas Tea.

    That alignment is to crazy.


  3. hearing you sing this icaro, Jim, during the ceremonial blessings was one of the most now moments I had during the entire ti69er. Thank you!

    -I've had a difficult time placing our movement. How do we talk about this new space we entered? I've come to something.

    modernism: 1905-1945 (or about 1960, maybe '68)
    postmodernism : 1950 (or earlier) - now

    And so what do we call now? EXACTLY!

    so we had The Modern, The Postmodern, and now we've arrived. This is the Newly Ordered World. The Now. 'And' is the new paradigm for The Now. The realignment will be occurring all around you. Participate. What the 20th C. did to formal religions will likely occur to governments in the 21st C.

    The Now is going to be fun! The audience becomes the show. It is literally the 'globe theater' and the author is Syncpeare.

    In Joy!

    "Does it bring you joy? That's your guide." ~J. Kotze

  4. Ish,
    that cracks me up! "Syncspeare"!

    Perhaps the audience was always the show all along and 'we're' just starting to realize it!?

    and the soundbyte of the Day:

    "Our Team is moving forward in SYNC"
    - President Barack Obama (6.24.2010)


  5. So beutiful brothers. SE "Our team is moving forward in Sync" thats just nutty man! hahah, much love yall :)