Thursday, April 30, 2009


With this recent outbreak of PIG synchronicities it felt like it was time to take a closer look at the English football star David BeckHAM.


We find (KK) Keira Knightly wearing the Red & White of the Robin.

KK = 11:11 = W = 23


The English football club Bristol City FC also wear the Red & White and are known as The Robins. We see above that the Red Robin is a Bridge to Kosmic Konsciousness. We also see that the Red Eyed Robin wielding the Trident stands above the letters RO.


Bristol City = BC = 23 = W = Trident

Here we find the Robin resonating KKnightley beside Jack SpARROW (Depp) and the Robin Hood resonating Orlando Bloom. Notice that the Sparrow wears a Red Ribon/Robin around his forehead:


Above we see that the Hatching of the Red Ribon/Robin is taking place inside the Skull/Mind. Two Kundalini fire serpents can be seen kriss-krossing behind the Skull, symbolic of the Awakening/Hatching of the Red Eye, or 3rd Eye. Here we see the Blue Skinned BeckHAM giving us the Shiva Stare:


When we become Blue (by activating the ‘Blue Gene’ within) the Red Eye opens:


Above we see that a Crack has appeared in the Egg beneath the Blue Peacock Angel and this can be symbolized by the letter C.

O = Egg

C = Opened/Cracked Egg

In this image we see David and Victoria Beckhams son Cruz dancing on stage with the Red-C on his head. The Smiley Face on his Jumper suggests that when the Egg opens it’s going to be something worth smiling about. Cruzing on the Red-C:


Here we see Cruz wearing the Red Robin outfit while the word ‘SUN’ interact with his head:

Victoria Beckham Shopping At Saks Fifth Avenue

If we turn to Daddy BeckHAM we find that he’s a Star player for the LA Galaxy football/soccer team in the USA. Note his number:


Beckham wore the number 23 for several years while playing for the Spanish club Real Madrid, and he carried the number with him when he moved to America. Beckham chose this number thanks to his sport idol Michael Jordan. Jordan wears the number 23 for the Washington Wizards. W (seen on his Blue chest) equals 23:


Notice that the Wizard is leaping out of the Crescent C above. The Wizard is released when the Pineal Gland opens we become Blue. W/23 is about Breaking Free of all limitations:


Below we see Beckham with the numbers 17,17 on his England football strip.


17, 17 = 11, 77

11 = 11pm = 23:00 = 23 = W

Combine 77, rotate, and 77 becomes the letter W:


Notice the Red Cross between POSH (Yin) and BECKS (Yang).

We find BeckHAM interacting with the Red Cross as he wears the Red & White football strip (looked at earlier) and the number 77:


P = 16th letter of alphabet = 1 + 6 = 7

Y = 25th letter = 2 + 5 = 7

G = 7th letter = 7

PYG = 777


77 = W = 23

We find the Red Cross on the forehead of actor Val Kilmer in ‘The Eyeland of Dr. Moreau’ (notice the Red & White again) and we see his 3rd Eye highlighted again in ‘Batman Forever’:


In the role of Moses we find that Val Kilmer has parted the Red-C (Opened the Egg), and in the role of Batman he resonates with the Robin. Cruz BeckHAM seems to love Batman & Robin (I would have killed for an outfit like that when I was a kid!):


Remember that Cruz knows all about the Red C:


If we look at the movie ‘The Eyeland of Dr. Moreau’ (based on the novel by H. G. Wells) we find him sporting the Red Cross on his forehead and we find that it all seems to be connected to the DNA (the foreign title for the movie). The Red-C floWs within our veins:


Our Blood is therefore a key when it comes to parting the Red-C, or Opening the Red Eye, or finding the lost ‘Eyeland’.

Here we see a brand of Genes released by BeckHAM:


Christ is very familiar with the Red Cross. It’s where his SpiriT Palms where opened for the first time. Notice the Crown on the BeckHAM logo above, and notice that it’s the CROWn Chakra that needs to be opened in order to become Enlightened:


The Thorny CROWn on the head of Christ reminds me of a CROWs nest; the Place where the Egg (Khrist Konsciousness) hatches.

Notice at the top right of this DVD cover that we can see the name BECKHAM in relation to Batman & Robin:


In the TV show ‘Only Fools & Horses’ the two brothers (above) drive around in a 3 wheeled (RR) Reliant ROBIN. They live in a part of London called PECKHAM. Add a the letter ‘C’ to the name PECKHAM and you get BECKHAM.

**Update: Just had a brain fart. The two brothers (Batman & Robin) in the TV show are called Del & Rodney TROTTER!!! PIGS TROTTERS! beckHAM! WTF

Also notice above that beside the name PECKHAM/BECKHAM we find the name PARIS.

Orlando Bloom played the role of PARIS in the movie 'Troy’ in which he killed the mighty Achilles with a spARROW from his Bow (Ribon/Robin).

In ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor Bloom/Paris stars alongside Jack spARROW, and KKnightley (Bend it Like Beckham):


Notice the Red-C in the poster above.

Here see the Ribon wearing Sparrow in the CROWN/CROWS nest of Kosmic Konsciousness:


From this higher perspective you begin to C everything much more clearly. Below left we C what happens when the Sparrow finds his throne and his CROWN. On the right we C the Skull opening wide (is that an image of the Elephant Man?!?) on the cover of ‘A Scanner Darkly’ by Philip K. Dick:


David Beckhams career was kick-started at Manchester United Football Club. Below we find the Red Devil pointing his Trident at the Red Sea (or Red-C) which floWs within each one of us:



Thanks afferismoon for this Bristol Rovers sync:

Robot Williams

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If Swine Flew (23'd, It's a Full ON Pig Roast)

Synchromysticism is "a WHOLE new way to get girls!"

In the Porky's poster the single EYE peers through the Matrix and into the Cosmic Womb.

On that Porky note let us dive into the SWINE FLU PANdemic unfolding.

The WHO has declared the world is at a Phase 5 level and on the cusp of Phase 6 level which will syncnify a global PANdemic. I pray for all that will suffer through this. But we should all remember that all will be fine. This is all part of the shift. Death is but a word. We are all in good HANDS.

Here is some flu floW (word is its good medicine for flu fEAR vEYE R' US)...

"He gets hottter and hotter and spins on a trotter like SATURDAY NIGHT SWINE FEVER."

The PIGS IN SPACE are here. Notice how their uniforms show a disembodied pig's head in a starG8 red circle, which is then surrounded by pentagrams and cut in half by a lightening bolt.

Captain LINK Hogthrob is the middle pig in space in the image above. Now notice the picture framed below in the THREE LITTLE PIGS film still. It is a sausage LINK called FATHER (ABBA or 1221/2112/1212). The symbol for FATHER is a big M that is made up of 7 (G) sausages linked together.

There is a New Day dawning on the Earth Farm! We the Animals are waking up!

Notice that Peter Ustinov is in this film. He also voiced the lion Prince John of the 1973 Disney animated movie Robin Hood. hEAR that L'il jONKKid. In ANIMAL FARM, Mr. Ustinov plays OLD MAJOR who wikipedia describes as : "Old Major (also called Willingdon Beauty, his show name) is the first major character described by George Orwell in Animal Farm. This "purebred" of pigs is the kind, grandFATHERLYly philosopher of change.

The Father shall deliver us to change.

When I think of films and pigs think of Deliverance because its famous line "Squeel Like a Pig." The time we are in is all a time of deliverance. What shall be born at this time of the swine. Life is a River that in due time delivers us all.

Perhaps like BABE, the CHRIST BABY is being delivered in all of our hearts. I like the poster above where it seems like the three mice are the three wisemen men visiting the Christ Child.

In Babe, NY is clearly made to seem like OZ.

We might be in the Porky's Revenge stage these days.

Notice this swine flu quarantine photo has WINNIE-THE-POOH as a design on one of the women. I wonder what PIGLET has to say about the rising PANdemic? WINNIE-THE-POOH is syncnificant here because it is WINNIpeg that the H1N1 sWINE Flu was identified. Winnipeg being the inspiration for the A.A. Milne's Winnie-the-pooh character.

Piglet seems best at the tree stilts. His scarf is flapping in the wind as if he is almost flying.

From Wikipedia: "In Hinduism the god Vishnu took the form of a boar in order to save the Earth from a demon who had dragged it to the bottom of the sea."

The Pig is leading us back to OZ.

Follow the Yellow Brick Super Highway from Mexico to Winnipeg and beyond.

At least that is what the swine flu has done...

Winnipeg is home to a CDC Virology Laboratory. It is in Winnipeg that the current swine flu was identified. Here is a story about it.

Peace All


~Jon Little~

Richard: Notice in this poster for Charlotte's Web that the Pigs best friend is the 8-legged Infinity resonating Spider. The 3rd Eye (highlighted by Charlotte) is stirred into action as darkness descends:

In the image below we see that the Spider represents our 'Inner Sun' located in the Pineal Gland. When this Inner Sun is activated, Enlightening our perception of the world, we begin walking the path towards Self-Mastery and become aware of the intricate web which binds everything and everyone together. By joining the dots we learn how to weave our Magic:

Pigs might fly and Swines might Flu, but when the Pineal Gland is triggered we rediscover our Wings and our potential to become airborne. The Wings which give us flight are located in the centre of the Mind. We just need to remember how to use them:

For more on the Crow check out Two Birds, One Stone.

pORK has a KRO in it.

Like this tagline suggests: 'Help is Coming from Above'. The (PP) Pink Pig is a reminder that Life hangs by the thread of a Spider Web and we must live and enjoy Life in the NOW. Everything happens for a reason...


As Arrowsmith points out Swine Flu can become Flying Pig.

The first flying pig that comes to my mind is master animator Hayao Miyazaki's "Porco Rosso".
This is translated as Crimson/Red Pig.

The next key film resonating Swine Flu, as Aferrismoon mentions, is "Outbreak".
This syncs back to "Porco Rosso" as Rene Russo (Red) on the scarlet poster for the film.

Much red resonance a current popular theme as seen in the C-ing Red, Red Handed, Red Robin/Ribon ideas..

Pigs are pink, a color closely associated to red.

One more red pig connect pops into mind in the shape of George Orwell's classic anti communist "Animal Farm".
Note the red font of "Porky's".


In the THREE LITTLE PIGS the nemesis is the BIG BAD WOLF.

Perhaps the message of the story is that it is best not fight and demonize the Wolf and to go with the floW instead.

Then there is also oKKoto, King of the Boars from Princess Mononoke. Another Lord of the Flies.


The wolF resonator of Flow, the state of unattached consciousness opens tomorrow entraining with the swine PANdemic.

As noted by Jim, he is a classic tormentor of the pig.

Reality, all that is, has both ebb and flow aspects.

We could connect the much maligned pig - "eat like a pig" - with ebb/'negative' and wolf with flow/'positive'.

Of course often this polarity is the other way around and the pig is also a classic hero (Babe etc). This doesn't disprove, nay it makes the point..

WE prefer to notice the Peaks of Life and not the Valleys. Because WE/ME focus on the UP's, floW is interrupted by the unexpected troughs.

Actually Both Peak/Pig and trough are part of ONE unified wave arising from beyond all duality.

Once you disidentify from being a Pig or a Trough you align floWer and are Whole.