Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. Smith goes to Jupiter

Hannibal Smith or Liam Neeson in The A-Team opening today.

A Smith is an everyman. Movie convention has people signing in under a fake names at a Hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Thus our Hannibal being a Smith suggests we are all Hannibal or Zeus/Jupiter (Liam Neeson being Zeus in The Clash Of The Titans).
Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid (KK/11:11) also opens today, giving the 11 June - 11 July (11:11/KK) SA World Cup a sync Kick Off. Smith in Jaden Smith connects us back to Hannibal from The A-Team.
Checked out Mr & Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie noticing it syncs up by being released virtually at the same time, June 10 (2005), as The A-Team and The Karat Kid 11 June (2010).

This must be a Smith resonating time period or the time of the Everyman. The time of ME becoming WE*. All of us knowing we are one Smith yet still with infinite mysterious and beautiful faces.

*ME=WE Spread the MEME!
Star Ray Liotta reflected by his mask, kinda a cool image, from TV series Smith. Reflections, mirrors, masks.. what does it mean to see your self and realize you exist? Who ultimately knows that it is Knowing?

Smith syncs are about identity and who WE/ME really are under our infinite masks. Ultimately the I Am under all masks is perfectly unblemished and can have no face or conceptualized container. During this faze in the forms of the infinite, it is clear that Mr. Smith's most glaring and obvious mask, though which WE/ME can perceive ourselves, is Jupiter.
We have more clues in the form of Hugo Weaving in The Matrix, a computer program that can take over anyone in the systems body, they then becoming an Agent Smith themselves.

Jupiter does this to WE/ME sometimes as people become possessed by Being and do great things beyond themselves.

He is connected to the Bolts just like Liam Neeson's Hannibal, a Smith who is also the Bolt wielding Zeus/Jupiter.

Are all masks of Smith resonating Zeus/Jupiter?
Weaving, a Smith or everyman, with the mask of V, making him potentially any man, same story as The Matrix.
I'm watching Event Horizon with Laurence Fishburne, most famous as Morpheus (The King of Dreams aka Sandman) in The Matrix. There's a character in Horizon called Mr. Smith so its always a little jarring and funny when he says things like: "I copy that Mr Smith".
The theme of Smith resonant of bolts and Zeus/Eagle/Jupiter repeats with Black Star Will Smith (father of the KK Kid, Jaden Smith above) as a God surrounded by eagle and bolt imagery in Hancock.

Moby Dick
Chapter 112 "The Blacksmith"
. . .But one night, under cover of darkness, and further concealed in a most cunning disguisement, a desperate burglar slid into his happy home, and robbed them all of everything. And darker yet to tell, the blacksmith himself did ignorantly conduct this burglar into his family's heart. It was the Bottle Conjuror! Upon the opening of that fatal cork, forth flew the fiend, and shrivelled up his home. . .
Doug: it wasn't my intention to co-opt Jake's lovely flow (as I did by mixing some black w/ his smith above)--these things just happen. But anyway, since we're on the subject of 6/11/10, masks, and fathers I'll add a bit more, cuz Nobody Messes With Your Dad!

I saw this image on the NPR web site today [March 20, 2006] and instantly thought of the following image.

When I googled "Darth Vader" to find this classic image of our Dark Farther, this third one appeared.

We are the masks Tye. We take it off and become something new. . . I'm ready to let go, of something anyway.

"Use the force Luke. Let go."

"Turn the other cheek, he'd plead. Love thy neighbor was his creed."


D.C. (District of Columbia)
Columba |kəˈləmbə| Astronomy
a small and faint southern constellation (the Dove), near Canis Major. It is sometimes said to represent the dove that Noah sent out from the Ark.
"In Christian Iconography, a dove also symbolizes the Holy Spirit, in reference to Matthew 3:16 and Luke 3:22 where the Holy Spirit appeared as a dove at the Baptism of Jesus."


  1. Liam Neeson also played pedo-scientist Dr. Alfred Kinsey.

  2. Oddly enough (or NOT!) A-Team reference can be found in the movie "THEY LIVE!" starring Winnipeg-boy Roddy Piper.

    In the alien tunnels 2 alien soldiers are discussing the elimination of the terrorists and are heard to say
    "It's a Win man...THEY got to meet the A-TEAM!"
    Picture link to scene


  3. June 11, 1879 -
    Death of William, Prince of ORANGE

    Speaking of ORANGE did you catch US Sec of State Hillary Clinton in the ORANGE pantsuit in Barbados?
    Picture link at


  4. wholeee shit @SE. i am watching They Live right effing now.

  5. @Toure

    LOL! Just kidding!

    The UNIVERSE has validated your path through my post then. You're right where you're supposed to be bro!


  6. @Toure,

    ... and by extension mine as well! So here's a big THANK YOU 2U (2x21) my friend!


  7. I think because of your larger theme you've been working on Tye, and that last great SW post--I've got the mask on my mind.

    our mask that our G-Host wears is us. So interesting because we have so little control of who we are--can't control our genes or the family or culture who birthed us. I'm reading something now that denies free will--that people play their part, wear their mask. So difficult to make someone responsible for their actions when they reflect the culture that they were born to--the mask they were born with. So taking it off is a powerful symbol--but so is putting it on.

    I'm thinking about how some cultures embody divinity by wearing a mask--Native Americans become God by putting on a ceremonial mask--or in Greek theater how the mask is the embodiment of God/archetype.

    Of course in greek myth, the God puts on a mask to fool the humans, but then takes off the mask and reveals their true nature when challenged or just to get a little tail.
    --be careful if Will ever begins taking off those sunglasses of his. . .

    anyway, thanks so much for you work Tye, real good stuff. So much of what we do is built upon itself--a self-supporting structure, a strange loop, and I thank you for holding me up, so I can play my part. . .
    All the world is a stage--yes, but we may be the directors, and the playwrights because we've looked into and through the mask, and are now gaming the system.

  8. my mother had the last name Smith. A very common last name, but still an interesting sync. Our past can be a place to hide.

  9. Helium Neeson, he keeps poppin' up, Siriusly. It's getting pretty in pink far fetched, were gonna need a Land 'Rover' discovery 1. Go Fletch, Chevy Chase!