Saturday, June 12, 2010

The World See UP: Superflo DiCaprio


Up and Down (the rabbit hole)

(can't find the image where she says "I won't bite", her hair poofs out and her face looks similar to the image below)

(w/ T-Cup over his heart and hats/cups radiating from the green heart chakra behind him)

In Up, the nostalgic memory of love is contained in a bottle (cup) cap, placed next to Carl's Heart. The new bottle/cup is Carl's heart. The grapes on the cap form an UPward pointing arrow.

syncs are my new Legos.

Team Superflo and its racer, Tom Cruise, hold Up the victory Cup pointing Up with Jupiter index Finger.
Jim shows us above that CUP veils the message of Look Up or Aim Up.

The point of all points is Up towards the Heavenly father, Jupiter.
Helping nail this home is JC "Hey Zeus" Reilly wearing his Superflo Motor Oil Cap.

This clearly also resonates the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
We have seen how the EARTH is the HEART of Christ which bleeds blood/oil and how the BP Logo resoantes the HEART Chakra.

Christ is the English term for the Greek Χριστός (Khristós) meaning "the anointed one" To anoint is to pour or smear with perfumed oil, milk, water, melted butter or other substances, a process employed ritually by many religions.
From Wiki

The meaning of Christ/Jesus "the anointed one (with oil)" fits perfectly with the asoaciation of EARTH as HEART of the Cosmic Christ and the Oil being his Bleeding heart as the second coming is under way (the rise of the second sun). The second coming is ME becoming WE or unmanifested Consciousness waking up in form reality.
A Horizon (as seen in the name Bp Deepwater Horizon) is the rising Sun/Son/Jesus/Jupiter. Somehow this disaster, seemingly "Infinite Terror", veils a new Horizon.

We could call the Bp Oil Spill, the "Event Horizon" just like the film of the same name staring Sam Neil and Laurence Fishburne.

It is about a Space Ship, the Event Horizon, that can create a StarGate, folding space for instantaneous 'faster then light' travel and/or move into other dimensions.

StarG8's like all time space distorting phenomena resonate Cosmic Consciousness. StarG8's are the movement of consciousness into another dimension. Literally the process we are undergoing is the awakening into a new dimension of Self realized Self. I Am that I Am.
We see the title Event Horizon above a spinning watery Black Hole. This is similar to the essence of the Bp Oil Spill. A Black Hole from which Oil spreads. The shapes associated to time/space distorting phenomena, like the Space Folding Event Horizon, give away these as portals of Being. They are usually trippy mandala and vortex shapes, motifs associated throughout history with the realization of the 'higher' or Up Self.
The Event Horizon opened its StarG8 on 2040 and is described as "the worst space disaster on record". The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil spill started on April 20 or 4/20 encoding all the numbers associated to the Event Horizon's "worst space disaster or record".
The films Even Horizon happened at Neptune who's planet symbol is the Trident, the tool of the water king. The BP Oil Spill associates with water profoundly, helping us understand the presence of Neptune.

I like how Jim's symbol for Cup or C Up looking like the Sagittarius (Jupiter's Zodiac association) bow and arrow also looks like Neptune.
On Jim's Birthday April 20 or 4/20 we went to watch Kick-Ass together. I remember it fondly. Right after the movie Jim dropped me at the Winnipeg Legislature Building where youths gather every year on that date and time to protest and smoke the plant.
This was the same date as the explosion on the Oil Rig that started the Oil Spill.
Last years Knowing with Nicholas Cage miraculously depicts potently similar scenes to the start of the Bp Oil Spill.
Its even in the same place, the Gulf of Mexico!

What really bakes my noodle is that Nicholas Cage also stars in Kick-Ass which Jim and me watched on the same date as the real life Oil Rig explosion.
It opened on April 16, meaning its opening week entrained with the start of the Oil Spill. Cage stands above as BD/24 Big Daddy backed by a black splash yelling the Oil Spill.

Another connection between weirdo Jim Sanders and this business is how perfectly he entrained with Knowing last year, from Scarlet Dragon 3

Jim Sanders, an ayahuasqeuro, documentary filmmaker and ill wicked synchromystic, did an Ayahuasca ceremony one evening, the next night (18 October 2009) finding himself sitting down to watch Knowing. Susynctly just in time to realize that the final date on Nicholas Cage's disaster code (19 October 2009), the date the world ends, just so happens to be the very next day in 'real life'.

More word, flux willing, later today... But now, off to yoga class!

Richard: director Danny Boyle (db/bp) entrains with the BP oil spill due to his surname Boyle, pronounced 'bOIL'.

Danny Boil worked with actor Leonardo DiCaprio on The Beach.

Oil reversed = Lio or Leo
Photo of the BP Oil washed up on FLOrida Beach:
In The Beach Leo DiCaprio discovers a secret paradise and makes himself at home on The Island.

The Beach resonates with his recent role in the movie Shutter Island. Here we see Leo holding a lit match, looking like he's about to set fire to the Oily Island.

In this Romeo & Juliet poster we see what happens when Fire and Oil/Blood come together.

The Earth/hEart is ignited.

In The 11th Hour, a documentary narrated by Leo, we find an Oily footprint stamped on the Earth/hEart. A Black Dot (Worm Hole?) in the centre of the Sole/Soul/Sol highlights the Gulf of Mexico.

Black Leo/Lio/Oil + Water in Inception.
Jake showed above how the movie Event Horizon connects with the BP Oil Spill.

If you compare the EH posters ^ with this Hubble 3D poster (narrated by Lio DiCaprio) we see that there's a subtle symmetry between the two.

Hubble, bubble tOIL and trouble...

Laurence Fishburne, star of Event Horus-Son, is seen in The Matrix sitting on his iconic Red Chair. Notice that it has two Black Lion heads on the arms.

I keep coming back to the idea that the Black Lion/Leo/Lio/Oil is somehow entwined in the Dark Messiah pattern...


  1. Whair is the weyene, the knew weyene? deyeing on the veyene. How long must ewe age bephore ewe'r ageless?... The cup is 1/2 FOOL, 1/2 Dempty.

  2. You got HEY ZEUS (JC Reilly) on one leg and Robert (Bob) Duvall (BD) on the other!
    (SuperFLO pic)

    Duvall was also in both the movies I watched over the past few days...

    he played the 'Old Man' in "The ROAD" ("GOD" resonator talking with Viggo about their SONS) and the bar owner and support for Jeff Bridges' "Bad Blake" character in Crazy HEART.


  3. damn... wanted to add that DUVALL's character in Crazy Heart also employed 'the good man' "JESUS/JUAN" at the bar.


  4. Here's the full trailer for the NBC fall TV series called


  5. @Rich: whoa... wow.

    dark messiah synks with devil's pitchfork and neptune floW... brings to mind atlantean blue people... underworld underwater? strange...

    "horus as heresy" reflects sun/son, dark/devil/death father and mask/lie/lio

    yes. yes... i see.

  6. @Rich, Toure,
    It pays to use hindsight at the WholE...
    flashback: to the 5th month...
    The Sacred Bleeding Oil/Blood Spill from the HEART


  7. Obama made news saying he was looking for an "Ass to Kick" over the BP spill:

    And I just wrote about tridents & Kotze stargates:

    You guys are awesome.

  8. i totally forgot about the Obama "ass to kick" quote. booyah!! nice one, Alan.

    @SE: i agree 100%. backtracking here at the Whole is mindblowing.