Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cut Up

It could also be that the math equation displays an inherent elegant relationship of form and symbol entraining with this formation. Just because something else displays elegant relationship akin to our systems doesn't mean it must be familiar with our human minds or aimed at them, it could just as easily be another expression of the inherent relationships of form at play in Consciousness.

The same assumption is made about Giza and its amazing geometries. Instead of Pyramids being objects that naturally entrain with amazing math, like a sunflower or Nautilus shell, the mind and ego wants them to be familiar with math or be messages for minds like ours. I feel they are natural objects just like Krop Kircles and everything else that arises in KKonsciousness.

-Jake Kotze from post The Sacred Bleeding Oil/Blood Spill from the HEART/EARTH of the Kosmic Khrist

That we, even in our isolation and pain, are eternal points of light. All that shines, shines on. Such is the secret message of The Shining....

-The Wrong Way Wizard from post Killing Time

The allegorical crawling snake-god opened pandora's box giving eve that apple, shaping our path by giving us the "bad" [bad 214 meaning good]; we cannot define good without bad, so that sneaky forked-tongued bastard taught good through bad. what's more, the serpent sent this lesson via the Fall of the goddess, eve, our mother hEart, who spent the last aeon age shouldering the weight of our original sin serpent...

-Tyehimba Garvey Toure From post
Climbing the SNowy mounTin

Now, it's quite apparent that the "religious experience" is a trick of the mind. But the way in which this "trick of the mind" works is interesting, and isn't our day to day life a trick of the mind? We are convinced we need things that are completely unnecessary. The image of our reality is flipped and interpreted through our mind. Who is to say that any individual's idea of reality isn't so? It could be anything after all the filtering and filing that our mind applies. Who writes these rules and guidelines everyone is so eager to follow? The duality at play here is this: One group thinks science is their path to the infinite. Another thinks religion and the concept of the soul is it. The other group is sitting in the corner, picking their nose. They don't count. The fact is, both (nay, all) groups are right.

-Tommy from post Some sort of quandary

All phenomena are real in some sense, unreal in some sense, meaningless in some sense, real and meaningless in some sense, unreal and meaningless in some sense, and real and unreal and meaningless in some sense.
-Robert Anton Wilson

Not soon after my first trip to Mayantuyacu I started to see brief glimpses of what seemed like foggy light. I noticed it as different and then tried to focus on it when it appeared. At first I had doubts that it was my eyes deteriorating or that I was making it up, but slowly overtime more stuff started to appear. Within just under a year I started to see with my eyes open a fluid like substance of tiny miniscule dots and an array of snake-like/worm-like, transparent things that would change their position. Sometimes they would be all bunched up; sometimes they would be stretched out. Theses forms themselves have circles in them. Almost bubble like. Over time I noticed one particular bunch of this worm stuff that was wrapped with other ones and almost created a sort of octopus object with tentacles. Now that it has been three years I feel like what I am seeing is fully formed and am I at a stage where I am learning to work with it or understand it better. The stuff I see is transparent with dark outline, and so it best seen outside with natural light, but more and more it is visible inside, especially with the light of my computer or TV. I describe this stuff as a projection. Because if I look up at the sky it is bigger, if I look at my hand it is smaller. It all depends on what I use as my “screen.”

-Jim Sanders from An Ayahuasca Testimony

If we zoom in closer and look within the body then we find that the flooding is also taking place at the microcosmic level. Our DNA is being bathed in something ‘new’. The so-called ‘junk DNA’ (Lead) is being transmuted into Gold as the dormant Codons within each of us begins to Awaken, and the Red Sea which flows in our veins is beginning to shift with the turning of the Kosmic tides. As Above (Macrocosm), So Below (Microcosm).

-Richard Arrowsmith from post RAW Eggs

I am tired of this prison and want to find a way out of it.
-The Celtic Rebel from post Far Too Long In This Shit

Morgan, this crop stuff is just about a bunch of nerds who never had a girlfriend their whole lives. They're like thirty now. They make up secret codes and analyze Greek mythology and make secret societies where other guys who never had girlfriends can join in. They do stupid crap like this to feel special.

Phoenix from the movie Signs

Your focus determines your reality

-Liam Neeson from Episode 1 Phantom Menace


  1. Will,

    I love the fact that this article illustrates the absolute necessity to always try to look at things in totality. Although analysis requires a drill down to component parts it is vital that we always zoom out and take a look at the part in context and frame of a bigger picture.

    So perfect that such great articles that are simply reduced to meaningless, souless babble when cut up into pieces. Like the the essential meaning behind them is lost, stripped away by the container of quotations. Sure they are interesting in their constituent parts but in going back and reading the original article you can most certainly see where the piece taken by itself is just lacking.

    I find this often to be the case in synchromysticism, semiotics and synchronicity - the individual event or observation is raher meaningless without somewhat of an understanding of the bigger picture and context in which is was placed.

    I suppose it would be akin to looking at a severed limb and trying to understand the character of the individual to which it belonged... something almost impossible.

    I also like the illustration of just how vital a role the human component is to sync and semiotics. How different this article would have been without the others' works to play off, shuffle and place in your own context to express your message. It's like the proverbial puzzle, where the pieces are rather meaningless until you actually assemble the pieces into the complete picture and see exactly how they fit and what they create together.


  2. whoa... kung fu...

    there is so much thought kandy bein thrown around here, i guess one gets accustomed to the krazy. cutting the mindplay up into pieces like this... it is a kind of strange puzzle... revealing...

    the piece by itself is beautiful because of its place in the whole. all of us are pieces/perspectives of the whole, but, we, like these quotes, must be seen and understood in the Context of the whole to find true meaning... whatever that is...

    awesome post.

  3. "I find this often to be the case in synchromysticism, semiotics and synchronicity - the individual event or observation is raher meaningless without somewhat of an understanding of the bigger picture and context in which is was placed.

    I suppose it would be akin to looking at a severed limb and trying to understand the character of the individual to which it belonged... something almost impossible."

    Awesome, I agree entirely. Especially after experiencing the alienation that comes with not giving people the "context" that they want or that they are used to, even though it is never separate from what they are living each day.

  4. @tommy

    so true!
    and the interesting way in which Will laid out the article just gives us so many avenues to think about!

    Also speaks to giving the exact "context"... of which sometimes, I think, it's actually a let-down to get the author's context.

    I've thought a lot about why that is... and it think it must have to do with our interconnectedness. That what the author "intended" is really relevant to the author only. The author never (or at least extremely rarely) understands the real purpose...The author's personal intent is really lost when taken in "the big picture". in the big picture the piece takes on a life of its own and then becomes relevant to the reader and to each based on their own interpretation of it!

    I know I've read things that I'm absolutely positive the author never consciously intended to be interpreted the way in which I interpreted it - but perhaps what "the UNIVERSE" (for lack of a better word to describe the real big picture) intended was beyond the consciousness of the author. So... perhaps the author was actually "the pen of the Universe", dictating thoughts that 'it' intended to BE interpreted in an individual and specific way by each individual that reads it. (or not! :)

    But whatever the message of the work, I often think to myself a "thank you" to the author, simply for giving me something to think about and a new perspective to consider.


  5. Will: want to offer any thoughts on your intentions with this piece, or the connection you see between the quotes?

  6. An experiment really... To think that any of the words used by any author are his is ridiculous, but somehow hidden by or reliance on the words themselves. The quotes here aren't meaningless because they are taken out of there homes(maybe they were meaningless before)they have just changed.

    We do the same with sync we take a clip from it's home and pair it, sometimes at random, some times by instinct, with something like it. It gives it new meaning...

    We flip the script.

    I was trying to break my ego. Dealing with pestering thoughts of which ideas are mine, then realizing no idea is mine.

    We have ideas on who Toure is, who CR is, who Wrong Way Is... Only from their words. But the words aren't them, the words aren't even the ideas we have of them.

    Go back and read old shit you wrote, or an old Kotze post.... You'll be like, where did this come from....

    Sorry so hard to explain. All I can say is recently I tried relying on pictures, this time I tried words... Well, both have changed the way I see this thing we're doing. The Media is the Message.

  7. PS The Quotes were random, but I do see connections in them.

  8. Reading over my randomly selected paragraph, I can see where my mind was, and how I am not the same person all the time. Your experiment is giving some interesting results...

  9. It's thoughtful and then makes me laugh... How could anything be weird about that.

  10. Besides it's a true statement. Question is who's picking their nose?

  11. The one picking their Gnose-is the zen master :)

    When I say I can see that I am not the same person all the time, it is not meant to be taken as a negative or positive thing. My mind was in a bit of a prelude to a dark phase during the writing of the post that quote was pulled from, I have moved on and it's just strange in a very good way for me to see "my words" in a new light (as you have presented it in this post).

  12. I'm feeling the Love.

  13. This doesn't seem random at all Will.
    --what an interesting experiment, though. Although you didn't write a word, you obviously composed this poem, selected the voices, structured it--whether that was conscious or not. And I must say, there doesn't seem to be anything 'random' about it--subtle choices that 'play well' together. I do think this piece reveals you too. The portions I would steal, would be different I'm sure. Instead of Anton Wilson, there'd be a Joseph Campbell quote. . .
    hmmm, very thought provoking Mr Dearborn.

    As far as the larger statement goes.
    What we are doing is totally new. I don't think we even really understand it. Although it is a Robin Hood Art, this is the movement of The NOW. Our moment is one of integration of everything--a recognition of our wholeness. The Whole is helping the whole find that it's really whole.

    So interesting that you are using the whole to speak now Will. . .interesting things you say.