Saturday, January 22, 2011

Film: a Thin Skin or Membrane part 3 Rainbow Flower

Part 3 of Film: a Thin Skin or Membrane

Film: a Thin SKin or Membrane part 3 from Kephera on Vimeo.

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"Film: A Thin Skin or Membrane" is an exploration of films and media using Synchromysticism, exploring patterns within pop culture that point toward our connection with spiritual dimension of our nature and existence. Analyzing the intelligence underlying all art, highlighting the symbols and even movie stars that Ideas and aspects of ourslves attract when we dramatize them in art. The word film shares its definition with a membrane, or thin layer connecting two sides or worlds. The patterns gathered in these 3 parts are shared to express a spiritual and evolutionary code of symbols and stars highlighting our consciousness' relationship to our spiritual nature and the Spiritual Dimensions of existence known by many religions and mythologies as Heaven, the Underworld, Astral Plane, Dream World, 5th Dimension etc. The Archetype of the Rainbow is one of the most recurring connections in this series, this should he expected as the Rainbow has always been a symbol of the connection between Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, Microcosm and Macrocosm. Synchromysticsm finds the mythic dramas of the heavenly stars and Constellations, reflected here on Earth in our art and culture. This is Love Code. Movie stars can be seen as key players or symbols in this coded natural pattern within our art and culture, We are remembering our eternal connection to divinity, cosmic consciousness, these videos are a celebration of our "return to the garden", our spiritual connection with this beutiful and divine earth. Love and Peace - Kevin Halcott

Much love you all <3>

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Acceler8 then Activ8 with a Shoe Sync Kick

Why does the universe highlight certain numbers at specific times in our lives?

I've absolutely no idea...but that hasn't stopped me from trying to get my head around the fact that the number 88 has been hi-jacking my life over the last week.

The 8-ball started rolling sometime last week when I started looking into the career of Al Pacino for a new post I've been working on in relation to the Gabrielle Giffords shooting (*the post might see the light of day...but don't count on it).

I took note of the Al Pacino 88 poster because the clock was recently highlighted in the previous Sync Whole post DBs Treasure Chest. Notice that the little hand behind Pete Postlethwaite points to the number 8.

Judging from the above snapshot it looks like the time is round about 8 minutes to 8.

In The Time Machine poster we also find the 88. One in reference to 800,000 years, and the other in the Inifinity symbol beneath the title.

Jump start the future.

The number 88 has an interesting connection with Time as the DeLorean automobile must attain 88 miles per hour in order to travel in time.

88 seems to symbolize the moment when the Lightning strikes.

My parents gave my son Zion this remote control car for his Xmas. Notice again how 88 entrains with the Lightning Bolt.

If we follow the Bolt we also find it on the chest of Megamind. I like to think that when we acceler8 past 88 our Mind can't handle the pressure and simply goes KA-BOOM!

Last week I sat down and watched Megamind with my kids.

Not long into the movie the 88 flashes onscreen, making an appearance on this Channel 8 reporters microphone.

Coincidentally this takes place about 8 minutes 8 seconds into the movie.

There's even a subtle 88 via the wires in the van behind camera-man Titan.

All these 88 Megamind syncs take place in close proximity to this large Golden Globe. (*note that the 2011 Golden Globes happened last Sunday 16th January)

A couple of days ago I received a letter from a lottery company asking me to activ8 this card. Notice that it features the Golden Globe...nearly identical to the one pictured above...and also the numbers 88.

When I checked Wiki I couldn't help giggling to myself when I learned that 88 is the atomic number for element which happens to sync with my initials RA.

Radium (play /ˈrdiəm/ RAY-dee-əm) is a radioactive chemical element which has the symbol Ra and atomic number 88. Its appearance is almost pure white, but it readily oxidizes on exposure to air, turning black.

This got me thinking that maybe I've been taking all these 88 syncs a little too personally and I should stop this craziness before it reaches full velocity.

Then I learn that in Kill Bill, the name of O-Ren Ishii's Army, happens to be the Crazy 88...and suddenly I start liking the idea of going a little crazy.

Who wouldn't want to be part of O-Ren Ishii's Cazy 88 Army?

You'd be mad not to!!!

Now please don't take this the wrong way. I'm not about to go all choppy choppy on anyone and start dicing people up. I might be nuts, but I'm more dry roasted than ready salted...if you know what I mean. :)

Here's something else I learned on Wiki.

88 seems to represent the Whole:

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) divides the sky into 88 official constellations with precise boundaries, so that every direction belongs to exactly one constellation. These are mostly based upon the constellations of the ancient Greek tradition, passed down through the Middle Ages.

88 seems to encompass our own Golden Globe (the Earth/hEart) but it also expands out to the cosmos surrounding our planet.

To Infinity and Beyond...

88 also happens to be the name of a local Chinese Takeaway in my hometown of Thurso. Here's an old menu I found in a cupboard.

Now this brings us to an interesting Chinese connection which puts yet another spin on all this 88 craziness.

In Chinese culture

Eighty-eight (88) symbolizes fortune and good luck since the word 8 sounds similar to the word Fā (发, which implies 发财, or wealth, in Mandarin). The number 8 is considered to be the luckiest number of all in Chinese culture and prices in Chinese supermarkets can often be found containing many 8's (see numbers in Chinese culture). The Chinese government has even been auctioning auto license plates containing many 8s for tens of thousands of dollars. The 2008 Beijing Olympics opened on 8/8/08 at 8 p.m.[1]

88 is used to mean "bye bye"; found in Chinese-language chat, text, SMS, IM. 88 is pronounced in Chinese Mandarin language as "ba ba" ("bā bā" to be precise), simulating the sound of the English language farewell "bye bye".

From Wiki we learn that 88 is considered Lucky aka Lucy:

(*maybe I should go and activ8 the golden Lottery card I recently received in the post!)

From Wiki we also learn learned that:

88 =Ba Ba = Baby

Earlier on today I was thinking about the number 88 (and contemplating writing this very post) when I came across this packet of 'baby soft' wipes...which helps confirm the 88/BaBa/Baby connection.

A good friend named Stephen Hendry recently had a new baby a few months back.

I logged onto Facebook earlier tonight (19th Jan) and couldn't believe it when I noticed that only an hour ago (I kid you not) he chose to highlight a classic techno tune called Activ-8 by a duo named Altern 8.

It feels appropri8 to round this 8-ball off with the video itself.

L8r G8rs

Richard: In 1988 movie Vampires Kiss we see Nicholas Cage staring at the Full Moon with a Crazy (88) glint in his eyes.

The Nic Cage movie Ghost Rider begins with a Full Moon...

...which slowly morphs into a Ring of Fire.

After this Full Moon intro sequence we see the Ring of Fire itself with fearless stuntman Nic Cage riding through the centre of it.

Today, Thursday January 20th, we have a Full Moon.

Coincidentally today also sees the release of a new poster for a movie called Drive Angry, again starring Nic Cage.

In the movie title we see the letters RING touching the Fire.

In Back to the Future the Ring of Fire (or Golden Globe) takes place when 88 miles per hour has been reached. I love the symmetry between the car in the Drive Angry poster and this DeLorean.

It also bakes my noodle to think that The Green Hornet is currently number 1 at the US box office at the time of typing this update.

Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato wear black masks...

...which look nearly identical to those worn by the Crazy 88s.

Things get sillier if we look at a scene where The Green Hornet and Kato (K2?) have a bust up.

Kato (played by JC/Jay Chou) ends up thrashing about in a swimming pool as he's unable to swim.

Green Hornet, unaware of his buddies plight, climbs out of the pool and tells Kato that he's now 'fired'. He soon realizes the seriousness of the situation so in order to save his buddy from drowning the Green Hornet grabs an inflatable Lobster and throws it to him.

Kato grabs on and makes his way to safety, clambering up and out of the pool with the help of his blow up Lobster.

In the Tarot we see that the Lobster climbs out of the primordial waters only to find a new path awaiting him...

Good Luck on your journey, wherever it may take you.

I know Elizabeth Shue as the prostitute who falls in love with suicidal alcoholic Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas.
She recently caught my attention in the hilarious Hamlet 2. One scene, which also happens to be the last scene, shows just how mind blowing and textured sync (our ever emerging non-local Mind) can be. Even having a good sense of profoundly layered humor.

Steve Coogan talks about having "made it", having a fancy bidet in his dressing room. Shue responds: "That was a sink (sync)". Perfect as right behind her appears the numbers 412. That was indeed a sync, Shue.
We find these numbers nested inside of the Jupiter symbol, which we can unpack in many ways. 412 pretty much covers the gamut.
Last night I started Hollow Man with Shue, which I hadn't seen since being a teenager hanging with my buddies at the theater in South Africa. It felt appropriate as I had watched Memoirs of an Invisible Man days previous and ran into H.G Wells' The Invisible Man while browsing a bookstore earlier.

Kevin Bacon calls up Shue, very early in the morning, waking her up with the ringing of the phone. This is also the first time we see Shue in Hollow Man. She says "Oh, my God" at this rude awaking and we notice it is 4:12. This makes perfect sense as 412 points to Jupiter and Jupiter is God. The syncs are giving us a rude awakening from our slumber of being separate from God.
Oh, and I was in the bookstore looking at Wells' The Invisible Man after going to the theater to see Barney's Version (great film) which included a preview of Paul (voiced by Seth "Green Hornet" Rogen), the alien who can turn invisible.
I'm thinking of Invisibility as good metaphor for Cosmic Consciousness (like Paul the ET). Just like a fish can be oblivious of the water inside and around of it, we too can miss the very fabric of all that allows for our existence. The tongue can't taste itself, just like us, as facets of God, can miss the very thing we are. The tongue is invisible to itself and God is invisible to God. This is the weird ouroborus snake of consciousness that kinda makes your head want to pop when you get it. Yet this pop feels good as the real us is unleashed by POP.

We see Shue and BACON (nicely echoing HAMlet 2, a movie already connected Hollow Man via Shue & 412) having this syncnificant exchange:
In Back to the Future Part 2 Shue plays Jennifer Parker/Jennifer McFly, replacing actress Claudia Wells from Part 1, which is kinda jarring and weird but works wonders with our syncs.
Above Doc Brown points at the fuel for his Time Machine, Miller (Eagle/Zeus/Jupiter).
Doc Brown says the magick 88 with Jennifer/Sheu in shot, having no idea about what she has just gotten into. 88 mph rounds down to 142 kph, these numbers miraculously attracting to Shue again.
88 is Bacon's pulse as he is being prepped to become invisible in Hollow Man.
The 88 of the DVD's subtitles hits Shue.
In the future Shue hides in a closet spying on her "to be" in laws who are entraining with the WTC.
In Adventures In Babysitting she sings about the Stars as her Star title appears on screen. The Stars in the sky and movie Stars are mirrors, shining with Gods reflected glory.
Baba is what we call a baby in Afrikaans & Richard says Ba Ba is 88.

In this films Shue encounters "Thor" the god of Thunder, a clear variant of Jupiter.
"Thor" is backed by the Red Clock.

The Joy of Sync aligns us with the non-local Self, creating all places and times right NOW, turning us into Time Travelers.

Richard: When it rains it pours!

After reading Jakes lovely update about an hour ago I decided to take my dog Jake out for his walk. My feet were throbbing when I got back to the house so I sat back, opened my book, and read another chapter of Dan Browns The Lost Symbol.

I turn the page of chapter 101 and suddenly have a Holy Shit! moment as I'm confronted by the 88.

You've gotta love the universes sense of humor. :D