Friday, May 13, 2016

Up Right, Upright⁺

Sometimes the spiritual juice that flows through the now (a.k.a. time) gets a special flavor, a different taste. The accustomed daily routine gets a funky, unexpected addition⁺.

Be me, walking from parking space to the office, reading an article on my mobile: 4 the first time in 2 years, climbers have reached the summit of Mount Everest. Nice. The movie comes to mind.

Bam! The mobile slips out of my hand and smashes on the concrete. Pick it up, quick check of the screen. It's broken in the upper corner on the right side, sending down ripples all over the screen. Surrendering to the situation is a groovy practice. I look closer and keep the location and direction of the crack in mind.

Trying to continue the daily routine - it feels already cracked, too. So far, so good. Start work. Out of the blue, a crane truck appears and things get weird. I recognize a double K on that truck and use the cracked phone to take a picture.

Again memories get triggered.

First Everest, then K2. Of course, why not? Even the music I listen to in this very moment fits the odd appearence of earth's highest peaks: Uppermost.

The closer view of the KKs on the crane truck  reveals an interesting detail (Klaas crane truck logo:).

The arrow of the KKs point to the location of the crack on the screen of the mobile which I kept in mind: up & right. 

In a chain-flash of triggered memories suddenly my mind cracks, too - which allows high awareness to flow free, silencing the mind completely as the show continues: a sync in-between the triggered memories and between what happens next (continued in part 2).

But first a slowmotion look at the triggered chain-flash memories:

1. KK is loaded and also connected to the 11:11 phenomenon (K being the 11th letter) - a very basic, powerful intro-sync, inducing higher awareness. 2. Λwareness is compared to the screen, which contains any content/movie, yet remains content-independent. 3. In remote viewing consciousness-targets, there regulary appears something strange in the upper right corner. 4. From the inner perspective / I-perspective an eye-movement right and up indicates the creative construction of images out of nowhere / now here.

1. higher awareness induced by KK
2. screens cracked, awareness of awareness established
3. up & right direction located
4. creative construction of images (continued in part 2)

Much love,


  1. Great to see a post from the Whole. Truly synchromystic vibes. Shine forth brave soul. Dennis

  2. That's funny because I just climbed (walked really) Australia's highest peak the day Prince passed away (April 21st...although we are a day ahead down here and he hadn't really passed yet)and when I came back to my hometown I watched my copy of Everest on DVD to capture what the highest peak was like compared to our highest peak.
    As I was watching the movie a lot of stuff started coming up at me for a blog post, which I had planed to write once I took the screen shots that I wanted and then I see this post on Everest...which is nothing like the one I plan writing, by the way.
    I plan writing one on Prince also.
    Cheers from base camp. :-)

    1. Or maybe that should have been cheers from Down-under?-)

    2. Λwesome, cheers! It's amazing to tune into the vibe of the mountennas ;♃)

    3. Australia's highest mountain is named Mount Kosciuszko, so there is another K for you. :-)

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