Saturday, March 17, 2012

Striking Balance With Andras Jones

I had the opportunity to interview Andras Jones of Radio8Ball fame recently on 42 Minutes with Doug Bolles from Mask Of God. Although I myself haven't had much connect with Mr. Jones he's known in the Sync Circle and a contributor to The Sync Book. I decided that Andras' Filmography was with in my grasp due to this wonderful world of ours and its internet, so I set off to view a few of his works and talk to him about them... Which we did.

However this will not be a long ranting exploration on his catalog. I just want to mention one wink theme I noticed that is of importance to the time in which the interview was given. But first I do have to prompt that my view of what Andras does has changed. This is nothing new really. Every interview/conversation on 42 Minutes has changed my perception of those I was talking to. But Andras' writing deepen my view of him also, and that's just after reading a little of his stuff. See sometimes I didn't get Radio8Ball. Cause I didn't recognize any of the songs. That really doesn't matter I know, but it was hard to see the relevance without emotional attachment. But then Andras says that it doesn't even have to be a good song and suddenly I get it. See it's not the coolness of the moment... It's not a gimmick, It's the participation and unexpectedness of the event that matters. It's the same thing I do with SYNC research.... I just pay attention. Andras is just teaching people to pay attention in a really fun and networking way, he's getting the whole class to participate.

You ask a question and everyone is listening and then everyone is trying to see the significance. It's a fucking tool. Probably as important a tool, and just as cool as, the Cut Ups Burrough's used to push(get it push... You know? Cause he was on heroin).

When we do SYNC research. We are intentionally looking for patterns.... Instead of searching out the hidden patterns that relate to say, any particular answer to a question of any particular Radio8Ball session participant.... We're doing it backwards. We're not looking for the answer to the question... We're looking for the question.

We know the answer, it's 42... But that's neither here nor there.

But the search for pattern goes outside of just that one song played, or that one movie watched. Not only are actors own personal catalog of films related in this hinted cluefilled dream symbolism.... You start to notice it in overly subconsciously subliminal(if that term even exist) in many ways. Ways that seem real and true and obvious but in no way possibly intentional. See, they have interlocking relationship to all their co stars as well.... And even relationships to current events and, here's the kicker, you personally.

Leading me back to this picture. I noticed the center of the Oracle Wheel for Radio8Ball kickin it behind Andras here.

Not long ago. Every random movie I saw started having some hidden nudge toward the Zodiac sign Pisces. (Check out Pisces of the High Seas). See I don't really pay too much attention to the zodiac so I'm Googling it... And when I do at the time I discover that Pisces is coming up(February 19th to March 20th[making Jake Kotze a Pisces by the way]). Had no idea.

Damnedest thing.

Now however we are in Pisces. Right now as I write this. And Andras' book is coming out now, and right now @seallion is blowing up twitter with urban Pisces' sync wyncs.
(Looks fake doesn't it? Like something out of a movie.)

And now I'm watching Nightmare On Elm Street. And I'm thinking that Pepsi has got product placement locked down in this bitch.At one point I almost claw my eyes out, as Andras' movie sister, Alice, walks into a movie house, that looks like a friggin temple. I'm Sirius, it's got sphinxes and solar orbs and.... She sits down in front of the silver screen in the house of Pisces hinted at by all the stars. And the fact that I'm watching it in Pisces. I mean geez.She's literally sucked into the movie, as media becomes one with her physical experience. I noticed that the Pepsi symbol danced around the cafe that Alice now gets sucked into through the cinema. Pictures, a few, above, of Andras, coming in contact with some of said Pepsi signs. And now we see Andras on a PIzza in the same cafe. PIzza having a relation to PI as all circles do. I consider this sort of a PIsces cafe. Remember that in PIsces we celebrate PI Day because of the March 14th date... Or 3/14 which PI starts with. On this day, we try and get kids interested in math, by eating PIe. And Andras here. Submerged in PIsces is on a PIzza PIe.I will not lower myself to a corny Krueger one liner here.It's also curious to note that the Pepsi/Pisces symbol relates to the balance of the colors red and blue.This topic relates to the Kabbalah tree of life... Which of course happens to be covered by Andras in his book(which is available on the Monday after I post this) Accidental Initiations.Andras is very familiar with the relationship of Geburah/5/Red and Chased/4/Blue. I've gone off on these subjects before and they continue to be a staple in my Sync life. See post Caught Red Handed or this more recent one. Anyway the 2 when joined create a harmony that one is to strive for. Geburah is called Judgement and kind of symbolizes the left brain while Chased sits on the right brain and is a symbol of Mercy. That's how I see it at least, taught through sync of course. See Spawn of Keel post for further explanation, however anyone can see the point of the marriage of these concepts, perhaps calling them opposites is incorrect, but they are more like 2 halves to a whole... Polarities I guess.

A Syncromystic trip into the Beauty and the Beast theme.

The video above is without commentary... If you are in need of more explanation there is more on my Vimeo channel Here. The TETHer that marries these two polarities is highlighted with this Beauty and The Beast symbolism. The 2 mirror each other and the mirror symbol always a clue to what you're dealing with archetypically. The 2 towers combine and are reflected back on the world. The 2 most recent places I've seen this symbolism is in the Grant Morrison The Invisibles comic above. Where a failed Moon Child is placed inside a Mirror Prison. And of course Nightmare on Elm Street 4; The Dream Master.

Alice is encouraged to face herself in the looking glass by her brother Rick/Andras. She finally stops day dreaming and faces Freddy.
Or at least makes Freddy face himself.

Now I lay me down to sleep.
The Master of Dreams my soul will keep.
In the reflection by my side.
Evil will see itself, and it shall die!

Ok see this is what the internet says is what they say in the script. But I swear I hear them say... "In the Reflection of my minds eye"....

In a scene that starts with a fish tank... (Funny that the scene before mentions fish before fading into the tank. And the scene aft does the exact same thing.) Andras/Rick teaches Alice that she must have Balance(sorta like a yin yang). He tells her to see herself doing something in her minds eye and then make it actualize in reality. She kicks her shoe into the Tank.
"Swish... Killed a Fish." Ad libs Andras, giving a nice connection to all themes discussed thus far. See Andras is highlighted in the film by a Red Sphere. Giving credence to our Kabbalah connections. For that would be Geburah/Red/5/Judgment/Mars God of War.His minds eye covered by it in fact.

After the catalyst of Rick/Andras' death Alice assimilates the power of her friends who have passed by way of Freddy. Her brother's power is symbolized by the Red Sphere on her left hand. The Pisces fish look on as the Balance is struck and she is inspired to war by her brother.


  1. We have a theatre like that in Boise:

    I haven't seen this movie so I can't say much about it, but I notice that Alice (the Underworld Girl, Persephone) falling into the movie syncs with Debbie Harry falling into Videodrome and April (Kate Winslet) being trapped in a bad play in Revolutionary Road

  2. In Coos bay oregon there is the egyptian theater with nothing but symbols to be considered. Dennis

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