Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hip to be Square - with your host Linus Van Pelt

1, 4, 9, 16, 25...

Euclidian Linear Time is expanded from a single fixed point into a series of squares. This event manifests in 4d as the Hyper-Cube. Time in this sense is not 'a line', but a linear 'in-all-direction' expansion. This force is called chaos and is commonly illustrated thusly...

It is an error to perceive the outer boundary of chaos as circular or spherical. The shape of chaos is in fact a polygon, or in 3d a polymass, and always proceeds from any point in a straight line. This is important because it is both the clear proof and the simultaneous discount of the Synchromystic Stargate Thesis.

Brother to brother, should one ask a free-mason 'quelle huere est-il?' the certain response is that 'there is no time'. This riddle is programmed to cheat that Time is Sacred but in fact intones the secret of all secrets: Time does not Exist. Understood suchwise, the synchronistic anomalies reported as evidence of everything from 'time travel' to 'quantum stargate consciousness' also demonstrate a much simpler truth: everything happens at once. Reality is not a process or series of events but instead an immediately static work of art that is expressed hyper-dimensionally.

To begin it is the notoriously fatuous One. A point without mass, dimension or spatial position. One and the square of One. Next it is Four both as Two (a line) and the square of Two (a square). Four implies irony out of the 2d plane as The Cube. The irony is found in the special understanding that dimension can not proceed from the dimensionless, nor mass from the massless, nor position from the void. Now we apprehend Four not as a number but as an implication of One. The formula continues ad absurdum - Four implies Nine and Nine Sixteen and Sixteen Twenty-Five. Reality is in all ways an implication.

Now we have to our wonder and delight a simple mathematic proof of the widely accepted interpretation of Las Meninas as an illustration that Art and the Life it imitates are illusory. To gaze at the Velazquez masterwork is to plunge into the Abyss of Chaos. This is not a poetic gesture but rather a strict fact. Look upon Las Meninas at your dire peril. It is the ultimate Synch-Hole.

Picasso kills the bull (thanks to 'eugene' for showing the way on this). A certain re-imagination of Diego by our Pablo premiers in Cannes on Aug 17, 1957. The detail provides a chilling foreshadow of Sept 11, 2001 (as seen on TV), that says more than just a thousand words.


Here are the pieces of eight.

1. Aug 17, 1957 is Saturday (Picasso shows Las Meninas in Cannes)
2. The Planet Mars
3. Hebrew Daleth (Door/Star Gate)
4. Tarot Trump Tower (correctly paired as Daleth/Mars - sorry Aleister)
5. Tarot Trump The Devil
6. April 6, 1968 (?)
7. Sept 11, 2001 is Tuesday (Samson does Las Meninas detail in NYC)
8. The correct enumeration of Tarot Trump The Devil (XV) and Trump Tower ( XVI) (Fool = 0 - sorry Carlos)

Picasso detail Twin Towers

Our first point (Aug 17, '57) is the key to the proper name of the elusive Artist we sleuth out of the shadows. He is called Mr. Saturday. We prefer the simple Stan, which is offered not in worship - most surely in awe and admiration. The implication of this detail of Las Pablo's de Meninas '57 is Sept 11, 2001. Psycho-pathers are familiar with the proximity of the Hilton Monolith that looms like a headstone over Ground Zero, NYC. In homage to Kubrick's ASO this edifice is rationalized as 1:4:9, the first three integral squares. The events of Sept 11, 2001 as prophesied by Pablo implies the next two squares - 16:25 - which are the first two levels of the illusory hyper-dimension - and nicely too!

The Millennium Hilton and Kubrick's Monolith: 1,4,9

There are 44 years and 25 days from Saturday, Aug 17, 1957 to Terrible Tuesday, 2001. 4x4 (years) gives 16 (XVI - Tarot Trump Tower). This is not an arbitrary attention - the proper knowledge of numbers is as emanations of reality and not merely as a system of measure. Really 'emanation' is a loaded word. We much prefer the simpler 'implication'. So, as an implication 44 may be valued as 4+4 and/or 4x4 and in the hyper-real as 440, 4400, 44000 and so on. The Hebrew Daleth which is Four is paired by Carlos Suares with the Tarot Trump Tower. The 25 days gives the square of 5. We infer the Pentacle and Pentagon. It is worth noting that by the Calender years and days are the longest and shortest unit of measure and thus form a sort of 'parenthesis' around the linear event we explore.

The traditional pairing of Mars with Daleth and more newly with Tarot Trump Tower pretty much closes the door on any notion of a serial process. Sept 11/Tuesday/Two's-day/Double War/Two Towers. An event fixed in The Cube of Space in noways a procession or precession. A pussy-cat running around inside a box. A pussy-cat dreaming in a box. A butterfly in a box dreaming it is a pussy-cat dreaming it's a butterfly.

9/11 is a Schrodinger-ian Magnum Opus. An Objet d'art. Not an event. It happened, it's happening now, it never happened.

Rare photo of Stanley Kubrick
directing Cruise and Kidman
in Eyes Wide Shut...

Aug 17, 1957 is 555 weeks to the day onto April 6, 1968(?) and Stan premieres his coup de grace, 2001: ASO in London town. Tarot Trump The Devil is numbered XV. 15 = 5+5+5. Pablo the Picador is PP and PP implies 77. Numerology: P = 16 and 1+6 = 7. Gematria: two initial Peh's = 160 and 1+6+0 = 7. 77 is known to all but the blind these daze as the Gematria for OZ, the Hebrew Goat of Mendes. And the man behind the veil? Pleased to meet you, I am Satan, but you can call me Stan.

Shake hands with The Man.

Incomparable Stan - The Great Pumpkin! He lives!!!



  1. 911 is truly as you say.

    Standing the plaza of Tihuanaco is a most most ancient 911.

    Page one fun and Fun too page are the fruits of 22/7 visiting the Square of Saturn.

    Saturn is dead, just like OZ 77, the lope of opel around the pole while Pe is ever silent, err the 10 dollar watermark egg of People.

    Magna looms! Aura is no more!

    Turn out the f*cking lights, Im bored.

  2. He Gene old sock...

    I am sorry to hear your old ennui is acting up again. Nowt is worse than boredom, I reckon, but must it be an everlasting state of affairs?

    Doc Holiday would recommend some whorin', cheatin' and drinkin' with a good clean gun-fight for dessert.

    My two cents - a good rub down and happy ending, paid by worker's comp of course, to be followed at yer leisure with any number of legally available pharmacopaeia.

    Pax and Relax

  3. Dear Eugene,

    First, with utmost sincerity, thank you for the excellent resources, which revitalize my senses. So much to discover and forever to take...

    I must propose to differ about the nature of Death. Saturn has not Died. He lives and Rages on, in the dark night of Old Age, evermore and nevermore. My take is that we emerge beyond the Orbit of Saturn and press gingerly into (if you'll pardon the expression) Uranus - a journey surely not as bad as advertised and quite pleasing if well moistened, I'm told.

    As yet I can not, or will not accept that a fate in the Shade of Hades is at all terrible as told. One can only emerge into the Sun.

    Peace Dude.

  4. 4:9:16

    via the doubly-correct tarotica

    = Tower-9-Tower

    Dem Tours lookielikee 1s


    Dooz the 2Towers mean 2 Monoliths

    Lith = SToNe - an aspect of the rigidly reproductive ShinTETHnun - 300-9-50/700

    The 300 and the 50 have been blown away allowing the reproductive element TYTh all-one

    MonoLilith + STaNd together


  5. A unified tombstone for all to share NOW. We are light animating matter.

    I love your brain Wiz.

  6. I don't know how I missed this post. INCREDIBLE!
    I need to spend several days with it.