Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Λre you in?

Guiding light: Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man inside a square/cube & inside a circle/sphere

Joseph Gordon-Levitt leads inside.
(Thx 4 the hint @SyncNetz)

Let's follow JGL's strange attraction:
The IN of skin highlighting JGL's body.
He's IN a mysterious skin - in many ways.
The mystery of being IN.

JGL story inside JGL.

JGL in cubus/square. 50/50 = 1/1 or I/I or eye/eye.

JGL's eye/eye in a square/cube-like rectangle shape.
"You can't escape yourself"

JGL in square/cube-like rectangle shapes. 
MANIC = man I see

The poINt man. 
JGL is in INception.
The IN of poINt is right on his head 

Note the background is the top view of a city.
He's in a city (and in sIN city, 2).
Every city is a construct of the mind, basically based on square/cube forms. 
Just like in Inception.
Cities in cities.
 Dimensions in dimensions.
Sqares in cubes.
Circles in spheres. 

I's in I's.

"You can't escape yourself"
Note there is a difference between you & yourself.

The I/I is mirrored & merged at the center, the heart.
The clock works inside an O shape, the circle.
2 Hands, 2 I's, II.

Time is just movement.
This movement is percieved as flow through the nOw.
Λt the center of the clock there is almost no movement.
 Λt the center of all centers there is no movement.
No time.
The merging poINt.  
The now.
In the nOw there is no double you (NOW = no W)
I/I merge in one self. 

The hitchhiker's guide to one self is your center, your heart.
It's IN you.

Leonardo's Vitruvian Man is an I-I.
One at the center (torso & head), 2 at the edge with 4 extremities.

- Edit 3/14 -

...and 2 faces:
Original I-I

Mirrored right I

Mirrored left I

By centering the square in the circle the I-I realizes one self:
(literally uplifting)
The self realized man.
Let's call him Sam.
Happy birthday, Sam!

 ... with one face (by merging the mirrored faces).

It's IN you.

The I-I realization is embodied by every woman.
"Woman" contains "now" & "man".
Every man grows in a woman.


  1. Re:
    " Note:
    The I-I realization is embodied by every woman.
    "Woman" contains "now" & "man".
    Every man grows in a woman. "

    Womb-in ?

  2. Thank you, BD :o)

    Eva Green is IN the O of the "Womb" movie poster, her first movie is about the INside world: "The Dreamers".

    The womb gets filled with water, it's the dark pool inside.
    That's where we jump in.

    In "Casino Royale" Eva Green dies in the water, being in an elevator - thus changing the level: transitions of death/rebirth & water tied together (just like in "Womb"). The elevator in Inception leads to the ocean when going to highest & deepest level INside. More elevators, water & death/rebirth in the movie "Birth" (awesome & deep movie).

    Λye aye, I!

  3. Thanks, DB :-)
    Your avatar sits in a bathtub filled with water.
    In a space suit.

    Why not take it off for Contact?It all syncs wonderful in the water :o)

    Love your & Will's 42 Minutes, it's always fun!

  4. I like how you gave Bathtubman's show
    "42 Minutes" a plug,Nexus .-)

    1. The bathtub is like a great sink/sync :o) Gr8 flow in the 42 Minutes show(er) & so much joy, especially when they banter :-)

  5. you know,
    we've been trying to get both of you guys on!

    the banter would be really good then!!!

    do please send me an email and we'll get you on the schedule . . .

    1. Thanks, DB...would love to listen to 42 Minutes with BD! :o)

  6. Speaking of "womb-in" in the top comment,I saw this news story today about synchronized pregnancies in wallabies
    (think kangaroos) -

    1. Ha! "Synchronized pregnancies" in that article :o)

      "the embryo is still a "hollow ball" until about day 18" -> Ah! It's a sphere :-)

  7. To me Travis Fimmel [ plays Dove Ellis on "The Beast", "Ragnor" on TV "Vikings and "Jake" in Ivory ] resembles Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the real life Ryan Rodriguez - - Travis Fimmel is #12 most popular male actor and JGL is #14 according to the IMdb Database - -

  8. Thx, MV :o)

    Travis Fimmel's IMDb filmography lists only "Actor" and "Self", perfectly mirroring the I-I relation. His relation with the I/eye deepens in the Austrian movie "Harodim". In Tarzan he's JC, JC: the self realized man & his symbol, the unfolded cube = cross. The unfolding of the sphere again leads to the mirrored I-I pattern (it looks like a sound hole or peeled orange).

    Happy Easter!