Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rise of the Ape Virgin

Last week 16 August Virgin resonators jumped out of the woodwork upon noting Steve Carell and Madonna share Birthdays.
Another 16 August Birthday boy is James Cameron who entrains with Carell (Noah in Evan Almighty) by being famous for his Giant Boat/Ark movie Titanic. The Titanic sank on its maiden or "virgin" voyage.
A week later on 22 of August Kate Winslet makes headlines having saved Richard Branson's, Virgin founder, mom from a burning building. Above she and Branson are fooling around recreating the "Jack, I feel like I'm flying!" scene from Titanic.
The next day August 23 and we enter Virgo the astrological sign of the Virgin maiden...
A rare east coast earthquake hits the US in Virginia, felt across a dozen states and multiple Canadian provinces.
The Washington Monument, a giant modern representation of an Egyptian Obelisk, sustained a crack during the Quake in the top most section or Capstone area.
Wikipedia tells us:

The obelisk symbolized the sun god Ra, and during the brief religious reformation of Akhenaten was said to be a petrified ray of the Aten, the sundisk. It was also thought that the god existed within the structure.
Egyptian Obelisk

We imagine Ra being released by this crack in his monument...
The Obelisk had an earlier progenitor in ancient Egypt called the Benben stone. This pillar or mound was the home of the Bennu bird, said to be the soul of Ra, who topped the sacred phallic object. The capstone part of the Obelisk, cracked on 23 August during the Virginia quake, is thus associated to the resting place of the Bennu whose modern parallel is the Phoenix.
We can easily imagine again how the crack in the Washington Monument is the portal of the Phoenix, splitting to let out the soul of God.
Wiki on Bennu:
Some of the titles of the Bennu bird were “He Who Came Into Being by Himself,”
Wiki Bennu

The Phoenix rising from its own ashes is analogous to the Virgin Birth and thus Virgo.
How perfect that this same day seeing the start of Virgo and the split of the Capstone - home of the Phoenix - is the Birthday of the late River Phoenix.
Virgo is particularly relevant to Washington DC and its Obelisk. David Ovason has pointed out the city was designed with numerous zodiacs and monuments with specific & overt emphasis on Virgo.

"The cornerstone for the Washington Monument was laid at the north-east corner of the foundation in the early afternoon of 4 July 1848. As I have indicated, probably one reason why the Masons chose to lay the stone in the afternoon was because they wished to allow the all-important Virgo to become operative in the chart. Shortly before lunchtime on that day, the Moon went into Virgo"
p 153 The Secret Zodiacs of Washington DC - David Ovason

An individual who is waking up into knowledge of self will undergo ceremonial drama - conscious or otherwise - fitting the temperament and psycho-spiritual associations this individual has with enlightenment and such affairs. The environment - a conscious facet of the self being realized - will self organize, accommodating the needed ritualistic elements to satisfy the criteria so desired by the person becoming conscious of I Am.
In exactly the same way the collective self of Earth is also undergoing initiation into self Nosis via the drama and ritual we call world events.

While Bennu is the common name given to the bird in English, the original vowels of the name spelled as bnn by Egyptian scribes are uncertain, although it may have been pronounced something like *bānana.
Wikipedia Bennu

We see that Bennu/Phoenix (thus Virgin/Virgo) shares resonance with Banana the favorite fruit of monkeys. The association with the "Bird that Rises" and the Banana works well with phallic connotations of the fruit and Washington Monument associated to the Bennu.
Will Morgan aka @satoriallme noted yesterday on twitter that Tim Burton's 2001 version of Planet of the Apes has Mark Whalberg crash landing on The Mall of DC in front of the Ape version of Lincoln with the Washington Monument in the background.
Whalberg's huge Banana is the focus of film Boogie Nights.
Perfectly 'N Sync we note today, 24 August, is Tim Burton's birthday who also made Mars Attacks where UFO's topple the Washington Monument onto a troupe of Boyscouts.
UFO's and aliens symbolize Cosmic Consciousness, coming from the Stars and Heaven, another metaphor for self realization. The saucer toppling the pillar is the symbolic equivalent of what happened yesterday for real in DC.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes deals with monkey revolution, evolution & a virus outbreak. The virus carrying monkey in Outbreak arrives in the US by boat/ark with the Golden Gate bridge looming, a major setting of the similar Rise of The Planet of the Apes.

The spreading of the deadly virus is symbolic of the ego destroying "threat" of rising consciousness. We inaccurately identify our bodies, lives and the world with the self thus fearing and dramatizing the destruction of these. Tellingly we enjoy these films as they show the symbolic disillusion of the false self.
Our lives, bodies and the world are cherished and sacred facets of consciousness but only the event horizon from which we leap into the infinite.
In Outbreak the disease spreads from the movie theater. Sync is helping realize consciousness, the movie screen having become a potent tool for waking us up to the interconnected and inseparable nature of all existence.
Having entrained with Virgin the day before the Virginia Quake its worth noting Kate Winslet herself is in an upcoming virus film strengthening this theme.

Contagion is released September 9, 2 days shy of the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, the most famous dramatic self realization Mega Ritual.
Last year during Virgo we saw Easy A (and The Towns nuns) entrain with Virgo. Emma Stone was the Virgin claiming to be a harlot in order to become popular at her high school.

See The Rabbit Whole
Our Virgin Emma Stone returns in Virgo with just what out troubled world needs "The Help", the number 1 film in theaters right now. The tagline reads "Change begins with a whisper." making me wonder if these potent signs are relatively small in comparison to what is coming.

Updates pending, flux willing.

Take care.


  1. Virgin Mary = Virginia + Maryland . . . DC is her womb.

  2. This has huge significance for me right now. Thanks for this post.

    Marty aka Marie

  3. Sweet flow,,, it’s kind of personal for me.. 10q guys

  4. Sync is helping realize consciousness, the movie screen having become a potent tool for waking us up to the interconnected and inseparable nature of all existence.

    This reminded me of the movie The Nines, especially the scene where the TV falls on Ryan Reynold's head.

    Then I noticed that Octavia Spencer, the actress who plays the crack whore in The Nines is also starring in The Help.

    Of course at the end of The Nines we learn she is just playing a role. She's really one of the multidimensional beings sent to "help" Ryan remember that he's a powerful multidimensional being, too.

    Maybe she's "whispering" the same thing to all of us by appearing in the movie The Help.

    This was a very potent personal sync for me as I've been dreaming about and seeing Triple 3's all week (3x3x3=9).

  5. Wedensday's earthquake is now thought of as a Washington DC and New York event- and Hurricane Irene is considered the same.
    Irene is the ninth named storm of the season FWIW.

    Thursday Warren Buffet decided in his bathtub [shades of Archimedes "eureka" moment!] that investing $5 billion in Bank of America was a good idea. Many independent observers think that Bank of America is bankrupt and needs massive amounts of money- far more than what Buffett [who lives in Omaha Nebraska] provided.

    Omaha Nebraska is in the Kansas City Federal Reserve District.

    The Kansas City Fed is one of the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks that many observers hold responsible for deepening if not outright causing the current economic crisis. The most powerful branch of the Federal Reserve system is the New York District, which works with Wall Street and other powerful money center banks like Citicorp and JP Morgan [Bank of America falls under the Richmond District, Wells Fargo is in San Francisco]. New York typically drives the policy decisions of the rate-setting Federal Reserve Open Market Committee and other groups that set Fed policy.

    One important dissenter has been Kansas City Federal Reserve President Tom Hoenig who was the lone dissenting vote during 2010 FOMC meetings where the Committee voted to lower rates and extend Quantitative Easing programs. The Bank Presidents serve on rotating one year terms- his service on the Committee ended on January 1 2011 but he has still been an outspoken critic of Fed policy, partially because he is retiring effective 31 October 2011.

    Hoenig and the Kansas City Fed are hosting an important Fed retreat in Jackson Hole WY this week and the financial markets are awaiting Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to make an announcement at the conclusion of that retreat today.

    Meanwhile, back in Kansas City [commonly thought of as in America's heartland and/or the middle of the country] artists are arranging 117 shipping containers to spell out IOU and USA. This project is being built next to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: the IOU side will be facing east, visible to Bank employees while the USA side will face west. The project is scheduled for completion on September 2.

    The Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank building was completed in early 2008 and is accessible to employees by Main Street though its mailing address is Memorial Drive.

    Two other Kansas City landmarks visible due north from the Federal Reserve Building are the Liberty Memorial: an eternal flame on top of a spire to commemorate the sacrifice of American soldiers in World War I and Union Station, a refurbished train station that served as the primary transportation hub for Middle America in its heyday.

    It appears that a large scale psychopolitical ritual is being played out in America's heartland.

  6. Like it, its just what i needed , as i have been feeling adrift with my syncs lately the phrase i most resonated was "ufo's and extra terestrials symbolise cosmics conciousness" I've been all blue birds - (Rio and Super 8) ETS Owls and 333's (Super 8 & the fourth kind)

  7. Awesome post. looks like you put a lot of work into this one. Thank you for sharing.

    May I add...

    LEO Ended August 22 – VIRGO Begins August 23, 2011

    The astrological sign of LEO ended on August 22, 2011. Today, August 23, 2011, was the first day of VIRGO.


    These 2 signs are back to back on the astrological chart, and represent the SUN and MOON, or SOL-O-MON.

    The 37N parallel represents the Sphinx’ spine. On 8/23/11, at least 11 earthquakes occurred just at 37N in Colorado/Dolorosa, the Way of Sorrows. With the largest quake measuring 5.3.

    A few hours later, a 5.9 Earthquake occurred in Virginia (named after the Virgin Queen MARY), and was only 800 metres in depth. The shock waves were felt all the way north to Toronto and New Brunswick. What’s interesting to note, is that this occurred on the 1st day of VIRGO, the VIRGIN, in an area that very rarely experiences an earthquake. And the quake occurred at the end of Leo, the Sun/Sun, with the Virgin Mother sign immediately following.

    Other Events On The 1ST Day Of The Virgin
    Richard Branson owns a 74 acre private island, and on this day, August 23, 2011, the 1st day of Virgo the Virgin, the owner of (VIRGIN AIR, and VIRGIN ENTERPRISES), his mansion on that island burns down.

    On August 22, 2011, the LIBYAN / LABIA rebels, took control of Tripoli. On August 23, 2011, they took control of Muommar Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli.

    What’s so curious about this event, is that at precisely the same moments as the fighting was occurring in Tripoli, the earthquakes were occurring along the 37th parallel. Watching events unfold live in Tripoli, and checking the USGS site every few minutes site for hours, revealed that as the rebels advanced, the earthquakes occurred. During these events, the leaders of the NTC (National Transitional Council), kept referring to the rebels as ‘THE LIONS FROM OUT OF THE MOUNTAINS’. Which is a very curious term when understanding that the 37th parallel North is the SPINE of the SPHINX, the LION KING, the very path that the earthquakes were occurring on for hours. And the earthquakes were occurring in areas not accustomed to earthquakes, either in Virginia or Colorado.

    Also, on August 23, 2011, GOLD SET A NEW RECORD topping over $1.900 oz.The Dow Jones rallied and closed over 11,050, still flirting with the number 11, the number associated with DEATH.

    AUGUST 23, 2011 = 08/23/20-11, and substituting 23 with an 11, as it coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface, the date now reads as 08/11/20-11. However, the number 20 also coincides with 8 from the 2nd clockface, so the date further breaks down to:

    08/11/08-11 or 8×11 twice = 88 and 88
    This is the number associated with the FLOOD and CONTROL, and it occurrs simultaneously on the 1st DAY OF THE VIRGIN, Mother MARY, or MARE, the SEA/SEE.



  9. August 24, 2011 - Astronomers first observe brightest supernova in a generation in the Pinwheel Galaxy. Visible with binoculars, the galaxy is located between and just above the star Alkaid and the Alcor/Mizar binaries, which together form the handle of the Big Dipper (or tail of the Great Bear). These stars are located at approximately degrees 15 to 27 Virgo, placing them, given the precession of the equinoxes, high in the night sky midway above and between the constellations Leo and Virgo. The supernova is predicted to reach its brightest point between September 9 and 12, 2011.

  10. //Rise of the Planet of the Apes deals with monkey revolution, evolution & a virus outbreak.//

    Darwin and evolution by "natural selection and genetic mutation" is a psy-ops. If you believe you "evolved" from an ape, you have been brainwashed. The butt of the joke is us hairless humans, the "naked apes" of "Planet of the Apes". More likely that apes "evolved" from humans, but that's a another sub-plot really. Or, maybe we co-evolved with plants, who knows?

    The human becomes a monkey when it is infected with the virus, language is the virus. You walk, then talk and think with "monkey mind". This is the mind they wash for you. When you think using the words they supplied to you, you become their monkey. You walk their walk and talk their talk. When you use the drugs they traffic, you have their "monkey on your back". Play the fool at work and the boss warns you to stop "monkeying around". Good monkey see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. Lesson 1 - monkey see, monkey do. Lesson 2 - monkey see, monkey do nothing.

    Become a Buddha and free yourself from monkey mind? Is the truth about our Buddha-nature the real virus, is this what distinguishes us from monkey? But wait the Buddha becomes the Buddha because of his teaching, his word virus. The Arahat becomes a Buddha, because the monk tells his tale. A monk, with a tail, monkey. And what did they call the monks in old Siam - talapin, just like the monkey. Maybe a monk is a monk because he has the key. But any human can get the key, if it stops thinking like a monkey and stops living on Planet of the Apes.

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