Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here Comes The Men In Black

Time Life, the publishers, I'm sure as you know, have a talent for glorifying things of course. But, really nothing I read past their description of M.I.B.'s has strayed me from the first feelings of wonder I got from reading TL's UFO Phenomenon book when I was around 8 or so. I still have it. Snuggled in between a Manly P Hall and The Wizard of Oz on a book shelf somewhere. The thing is it totally freaked me out. I mean aliens are one thing.... Right. But possible aliens in human skin gives one the hebbie jebbies. Not to say that's what MIB's or Men In Black are. Just sayin.

You'd be surprised though. There's very little about MIB's out there. And what you can find is hard to. So I've considered most of the mystery surrounding MIB's with just my imagination. John Keel helped.
Keanu Reeves is basically Super Man in The Matrix. They call him that by name and he actually comes outa a phone booth in number ONE, echoing Bill and Teds if you follow. Christopher Reeve is the main contemporary icon of Super Man. I just see the last name. Thumbsucker I've never even heard of. But the visual of the poster buts Keanu in a vivid MIB theme.See Super Man is just important to me I guess. I mean its the most obvious of names. Super Man is the world hero. He's Christ, Jupiter, Jake Sully. Keanu is J.ohn C.onstatine above. This is Reeves archetype.... The ONE who survives Doomsday. JC... Superman. To hell and back the theme.The glasses a disguise. A mask.
And surviving most sightings of UFO MIB intervention. Wrap around sunglasses. Pale skin, as if dead. Robotic as if a machine.... They say.The glasses take on a mortal/immortal division. Separating Gods from man. Super Men from the saved. An almost inarguable likeness to the most modern Ufology icon of pop culture, the grey.
The Super Hero...
Christ rises from the dead. Depicting the Jupiter Hero of the World beating Death/The Grim Reaper/Time/Saturn. Repeated Reeves is the one who beats time. He is in Black. Pale as if dead.Artificial Intelligence or the Machine has become part of our mythos out of necessity. Joseph Campbell knew it. And he noted it in Star Wars. Showing how the fear of a mechanical regime a symbol of the State as Well.The Orwellian prototype if you will.

Did you know Will Smith turned down The Matrix. He thought it was too crazy, he couldn't see it. Even admits regretting it.
Shia Labeouf dances around this thread. He's in I Robot with BIG Will, Constantine with Reeves, I mean the applications of Eagle Eye... Transformers on the outside... I mean it's silly.... Indiana.... Blade Runner.... Totally insane.
Death to the state. More Synchro-Gymnastics with John Hurt whose known for the scene adaptation of 1984 where he played Winston SMITH, and then reversing the role in V For Vendetta. He's against BIG Brother... He is BIG Brother. Of course Hugo Weaving does this too. He's V, little noticed because he wore the mask seen above the whole movie.... Most remember Hugo however as this guy.The parts are highlighted by the fact that he is represented as a mask of sorts. One that all wear. Hense the common name "Smith".... Agent Smith....
More importance is underlined as Roario Dawson is Smiths love interest in both Seven Pounds and MIB II. As if it's the same role for both following through the movies.
Totally strange to see Agent Smith's son with Keanu's Man In Black. And Im going to get weirder with it. Not trying to really follow a great insight perhaps, but definitely flabbergasted by the mystery of it all.Smith as the Dark Man or Man In Black. The Dark Man theme was caught by eye due to the fact that Karate Kid with J.ackie C.han came out at the same time as 2010's World Cup. Both featured the kicking silhouette and dropped relatively on top of each other. What goes through my head is the catch phrase from the Matrix.... Neo goes "I know Kung Fu"...The Kicking Silhouette of a Man In (Jack)Black.... Ok that's too far. But damn if it's not a head scratcher.

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  1. Beautiful work Shaman, thankyou!

  2. Thanks Will. Kung Fu & MIB - All swirling around me much these days. Can't wait for your next video.

  3. The Royal Wedding between Will and Kate signified the resurrection of our King Obama (mixed-race coniunctio oppositorum). Hancock features a black superhero named Will who represents both Horus and America.

  4. El... Independence Day, Hancock, Pursuit of Happyness...

  5. that was fun. this is for you.

  6. whoa whoa whoaaa.... no toure love here? Will, my brotha.. we're still friends, right? you must be familiar with my childlike thirst for Patternist references..

    More on masks and men in black and stuff here: Horus as Heresy

    pending further updating of course

  7. great catch on that Lake House poster, bytheway.. man, they just scream sometimes..

  8. i also noticed the confluent pattern that linked these releases: they were all films, ostensibly shown in cinemas.


  10. Tye fuck that... You just influence me so much I dont even know it sometimes. I remember that post! Holy shit.That was aloooong time ago.

  11. Reread this today.. great work, bro. CanNot wait to see The Sync Book

  12. See I was thinking about it all day too. That the Man In Black is Horus works perfectly.