Monday, November 16, 2009

Earth at his Jupiter Finger Tip

In these two movie posters much is said about Earth's relationship with Jupiter. In Street Smart we see Morgan Freeman under the number 42. In Bruce Almighty he plays God. So we have God connected to 42, which has been connected to the meaning of life and Jupiter. In Street Smart he is seen to the left of CHRISTopher Reeves, or Superman. In the Bruce Almighty poster Morgan Freeman is to the left of Jim Carrey (JC resonating). JCarrey is also a Superman in this film as he has been given divine power and is seen here with "the world at his fingertip," or should I say the world at his Jupiter Finger tip.

To become a Superman/JC on Earth one needs the help of Jupiter/Father/God.

I am sure Jake could add the syncnificance of Jennifer Anniston's face on the Earth, or the word POTS behind Superman.




Notice how perfectly the pointer finger of Jupiter keeps being seen in JenBow when the rainbow is in shot.

I had no knowledge of the Jupiter Finger when making this video but looking at it this time it looks like a sync I intended to put in there.

Pointer/Jupiter finger entrains with Rainbow/42!

Jenbow (Jennifer Anniston) resonates rainbows thus Jupiter and 42. The Earth (as she appears in Bruce Almighty above), PlanET or 'Plan of ET' is Jupiter.

Jupiter is the Point!


  1. things are starting to become more clear. don't you all think? welcome to jupiter my friends.

  2. koan |ˈkōˌän|
    a paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.

    -yesterday, as I mentioned, I spent an hour unpacking the idea of point. In the end through my disagreement with the idea of purpose, I may have at arrived at agreeing with you. I will likely lay it out again(possibly for it to be erased again), but from an intellectual standpoint, I have a very difficult time with a point to life outside of living. A flower is a sex organ. Its purpose is to breed and die. Eckhart Tolle go suck it!

    Anyway loving it all! Still knowing nothing. . .
    The syncs are good lately though!

  3. Hi Wermes - are you Jim Sanders of the Merry Men podcasts? i understand a lot more now. thanks, paul.

    Either way, love the pictures, really in twinned with each other. I'm not sure whether this adds or takes away, but I often sense the current time leads to the next, so the girl sits on the post box in NY, and the dog (of fertility) reads the paper seems to be in my head.

    The thing is I spent a lot of time on Charles Dickens, Orson Wells, not that I read well, more, found it easier to go back and see word for word, so I see picture but relate to words... anyway, really appreciate the whole synch and it just gives me a feeling of temporary relief that I'm not sitting doing all this without a world under my feet. thanks wermes. paul.