Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rock and Runes: Ride the Lightning & Kiss the Tower

Hello All, and thanks to the resident G8rs for inviting me to share in this
vortex of kkonsciousness the Synch Whole. I look forward to sifting the Rhine of this Glass onion with all of you

Greatful Deads Lightening Bolt. Well be seeing the Importance of this symbol as we swim up/downstream here.

So this weekend I was at a 14 year old cousins birthday Party and he had an AC/DC T-Shirt on with the Lightening Bolt between the letters, it struck me because on my train ride down I saw a man wering a shirt with the SS lightening bolts at the breast, and was wondering if that was either a Skinhead or a KiSSfan, but the bolt began to start popping up.

Ive read that the Sig Rune in Norse Alphabet was symbolic of the Sun and of Odins Lightening from his Sword.

ACDC featring many Bolts or Sig Runes on their Album Covers and Logos

KiSS, we see the Double Sig Rune like the Nazi SS in their name as well.

The Sword of Lightening is also a Kabbalistic Concept from the Tree of Life, the Lightening is a Symbol of Enlightenment, Spiritual Energy Descending Into Matter, the Sword in the Stone. Swords are the Platonic Suit of Air and Aquarius as well, whos symbol is 3 Wavy Energy lines, in Esoteric Physics Aquarius rules over the Ankles, the Central Nervous System and the Spiriual Energy/Kundalini and the Transfer of Language as Energy. Alice Bailey mentions that Aquarius rules over the 7th Ray of her Cosmological Creation System, she beleived Aquarius with the power of Uranus would bring the Universal Life Force or Kundalini of all people together, the realization of WE/ME, and the spiritualization of language and ideas.

To me the 1960s was the begining of the Archaic Revival that Terrence Mckenna spoke of and participated in, during this time the Spiritual medium of Music* rocked the Nation, if we look at the history of rock and roll, we can see the evolution of Kundalini energy being expressed through time, and what the Liberation of that energy meant to culture/being. Aquarius being a sign of Humantiarians and Self Determination and Community as well as being an Air sign resonating Communication makes me think of the Rock and Roll revial and the Spiritual Transfer of Kundalini.

Lightening Striking the Tower in the 16th Tarot Trump can be interpereted as Enlightenment of Spirit or higher self Descending into Matter.

Ziggy Stardust with the Bolt also resonates Aquarius with his Androgynous character Ziggy Stardust

The Sig Rune is symbolic of the Sun as well as Odins Swords Lightening and just looking through some of the rock and roll and heavy metal of the last century there was a revisiting of the Pagan shamanic rock and roll routes, like Ride the Lightening above.
After seeing the Sig Rune around so much, I realized that alot of Runic style has been regurgitated by the Archaic revival of Rock and Roll and heavy metal.

Note the presence of Runic letters as well as the Hermit Tarot card featured on Led Zeps artwork. Also note ZOso and Iron Maidens trunkated pyramids and Lightening.

Ran Knelson with Cereberus resonating Underworld Dogs as well as the Runic lettering.

Def Leppard featuring the Eye in the Pyramid as well as Runic glyph letters.

Lilly Allen features the Sig Rune as her Stylized Name and Logo, as well as behind her on her bike. We also see Kundalini coiled DNA serpents on her handlebars.

Jimi Hendrix starred in the Movie Rainbow Brigdge, featuring shots of his live performance at Maui Hawaii at the Rainbow Bridge Color Sound Experiment, some think this was funded by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a union of autonomous psychedelic healers and dealers that also may have broken Timothy Leary out of Jail.

Side story on the Life Force current

Now I have a Mayan friend and hes an older fellow whos family goes back to the Taino Mayans, he is very well studied in his cultures history language and spirituality. When I explained to my friend that I was having experiences pointing me toward the Rainbow Bridge and Kundalini healing he gave me insights into what the Mayans called Kundalini or Antahkarana. He said this Kundalini force is called Chic Chan* to the Mayans, it is a vital life force that connects the lower Chakras and Sexual centers to the Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Centers. My first time around editing this article i spelled Chic Chan as Chach Cham, unknowingly i wrote out what Translates to Group Ecstacy at the moment of Creation. I wanted to edit that so we dont go around mixing Free love with Vital Life Force, althouh they are closely connected ( chach cham sounds more like what goes down backstage with groupies after the Chic Chan is activated in Music hehe). So my friend explained to me that the activation of this energy brings responsibilities. These responsibilites are simple but powerful, ill give a rough personal translation of what he told me. 1) This energy can help us to Harmonize and Actualize our inner forces through reflection, meditation, concentration of will and so forth. Understand our inner self. 2) With our inner worlds Harmonized we must now use that understanding to perfect our external self, our Radiant self, we must balance, reflect, meditate and concentrate on how our will affects on others and the world. 3) Having balanced and actualized our internal and external eneries, we must realize the responsibility and the joy of Consciously Co Creating, that is uniting our will with the will of Being, and that is Unconditional love, you dont have to look further than your own breath to realize that we are unconditionally loved by mother universe IMO. Im looking forward to sharin more of what I learn about this energy as I learn more and would be honored to share. Now I want to connect this Chic Chan energy to the Archaic Revival of Rock and Roll, My friend gave me examples of what affects this energy has on the body when it is activated. He gave me an example of Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers mentioning how Flea would play Naked and would bring this energy up and into his body and that would make him play with his mouth open. The "O" face as its called in our Culture, he said this oral behavior is directly connected to the Orgasm, and thus the Life Force, Kundalini or Orgone or Chic Chan whatever you call it. If you check out the way Jimi Hendrix rocks out he also turns on his Chic Chan and plays with his mouth wide open. Those of us who have explored plant Kkonsciousness might also know this feeling as it comes with being entranced on entheogens, the Mouth hangs wide open and the breathing deepens, the belly breathing from our Hara point opens up and we are as a young child in awe at the new world again. Terrence Mckenna has also gone into some of the Oral behaviors connected with Entheogens as well as the importance of Language reality. The mush of words/tounges that come out in trance, "And first there was the word". I just wanted to mention some of this to bring synthesis of the Lightening, Kundalini, Chic Chan and the Archaic Spiritual Revival of Rock and Roll.

Flea Rocking out with his ChichChan out.

Jimis Chic Chan face , note the resonation between the Creative moment of Orgasm and the Phallic play of guitarists in the Moments of Creation, making their O face revealing the universal dance of Creation.

Jimis album Midnight lightning. Resonating his Kundalni/Chic Chan energy.

Black Sabbath features lots of Sigs in their Logos

Slayer uses the Sig rune as well.

And of course the SS used them alot too.

The Grateful Dead Lightenbolt matches the strike of lightning from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and shares the Red and Blue Left and Right Pillar/Hemispheres of the Skull/tree

Access All Areas also features the Lightning striking the Tree and Skull, perfect Sync.

Note that the Blue and Reds locations in the skull of the Logo are also the locations of the Spheres of Mars and Jupiter on the Tree of Life. Now the Bolt of Lightening begins to remind me of the Sword of Lightening or Spirit Descending into Matter. The Sword an the Stone.

Lightning in the Tree as well as Jerry Garcias Best of Collection eaturing the Sword also Strongly resonate to me the Descent of Kundalini Energy into the body.

Note that we can see A Green Sun Disc on the Eypt rocking the Cradle 78 cover, as well as on the From the Mars Hotel album we can see the Green Sun Rising.

Green Sun on the Horizon.

Red and Blue again on a Jerry Garcia Solo Album featring the Hand in the Blue sphere, Blue Spirit Palms with the Sky/Jupiter color and clouds in the background. The Letter Kaph is attribute Jupiter in Kabbalah and Kaph Means hand, Jupiter Hands and Blue Spirit Palms.

Greatful Deads European Tour Album Features the Foot/Soul/Ankh/Ankle of Aquarius and the Rainbow Bridge as well.

So earlier in this post we explored the Frequency of Lightning Symbols used in Rock and Roll culture, especialy the Sig Rune which is a a Lightning Bolt itself. We connected the Lightning to Kundalini energy, and saw the connections between the Activation of Kundalini via Rock and Roll Pagan Revival, and how The Orgasm Face of Musicians in Musical Ecstacy reflects the Orgasm Face made by humans when in Sexual Ecstacy.

Now lets look at this connection to the Orgasm Face. The Orgasm face as mentioned in the last post is symbolically expressed in Rock and Roll when Musicians are in the Ecstacy of Musical Creation, the mouth Opened Wide and the Head Back*, thus reflecting the Orgasm Face that we humans also make during the Ecstacy of Sexual Union or the Transferal of Life Force Kundalini.

Jimi Hendrix was known for his dramatic O-Face and his sexual style of Rockin and Rollin. The Life Force is within him, and the Mouth agape is the Strike of Escatcy Lightning rolling through his spine.

Now in the Band name KISS we can see Two BOLTZ or Sig Runes of Lightning, and Gene Simmons HUGE TOUNGE/MOUTH, another Expression of the Sexuality channeled through the sensory organ of the Mouth or Tounge. Now heres where this all got really interesting for me.

Notice the TOWER Tarot Card, oroginally just an Image of a Tower bein Struck by Lightning, but the Crowley Version has a MOUTH breathing FIRE onto the Tower!!, that is becasue this Tarot Card is attributed the Hebrew Letter and Tree of Life Path of PEH, which means MOUTH!. So here we can see a very old connection between the Lightning and the Tower, or the Kundalini striking the Spine, and the MOUTH as an Active Agent in the process, a Tarot book I was reading said that the Power of Words is described by this card, are not words the means by which we tear down and rebuild a whole new house or Tower or Beleif System for ourselves? The Lightning which comes from the mouth is the SPIRIT or the LOGOS which strikes matter and Spiritualizes it, or actualizes it. This is where Rock and Roll and Magick also come into mind for me, as well as Alice Baileys Attribution of Aquarius(the dawned astrological age) to her 7th Ray of Invocation/Evocation and of Ceremonial Magick(which word/Prayer is key). She beleived that the power of Words would be strongly influenced as we move into resonance with the Planet Uranus and Aquarius the 7th Ray. Aquarius is also an Air sign, which symbolically Air resonates with Consciousness, Words, Language, Communication and other non physical energies. As we move into Aquarius I suspect the power of our words will be experienced strongly, and it seems fitting that we are sharing all of this KKonsciousness VIA CYBERSPACE, Space=AIR. But remember that The Tower and Lightning are now legitly connecte to the MOUTH Via the Ancient arts of the Tarot. Anyway this gets nuttier, lets roll.

In the Rocky Horror Picture Show, we can see a new Androgynous man created by Doctor Frank N Furter played by Tim Curry. This New man is Resurrected out of a Rainbow Coffin and is given life force by the Pull of a Lever which strikes hiim with Lightning. The Infamous Logo for the Film is Tim Curries crazy MOUTH!!! This rock and roll Aquarian Musical was explored in my Post here, ROcky Horror Rebis Resurrection.

Now a friend of mine sent me this Coca Cola ad, which features 3 Rocky Horror Style mouths, Plus Lighting which Equals A smiley face over H20. The Mouths and Lightning together again!

My same buddy Sent me this Image AS I WAS WRITING THIS POST!! This is a Jack Kirby Era Fantastic Four shot, of a man with the Symbol fof Mercury( the word/Logos) on his head. The caption reads " WITH HIS HEAD HELD HIGH, HIS MOUTH OPENS!" This Guy is certainly in a state of O FACE here. Now wait for this next Shot!


WOW are you SIRIUS? The BOLT, the O-FACE, and MERCURY the WORD/LOGOS all in one shot!!!

Now you might not beleive this, but to my pure amazement, my same friend as soon as he was done sending me these pics of the comic, was somewhere and a Movie was on the Television, he didnt put this on himself, this movie is called LIFE FORCE! and its about Aliens stealing peoples Life Force or Kundalini through the Use of LIGHTNING FROM THEIR MOUTHS!!!!

I cant beleive this haha! I think the Trailer is really worth a look amigos!

And of course I also just finished this invisbiles comic "Apocalypstic" where the Main Character Lord Fanny spews Lightning Astral Fluid out of her mouth when in Shamanic Trances, the cover below here reflects this part of the Comic.

Thanks to Kevin squared for the Siriusly pertinant Synchs! And thanks to all yall for reading and being alive! More to come soon, much Luv

Concluding thoughts 

I feel every eras artists, dancers and all active participants reality hold the responsibility for the cultivation and contiuation of this amazing life force, it is a gift and a tool in the exchange of living NOW spiritual energy and emotion. Art, all of it is the handprint of spirit occupying form in space time. Lets make every expression an act of love and inspiration, this current narrates our local and non local histories. Lets keep the gift of music, art, and inspiration alive in our lives, our footprints will pass the torches to the next generations artists dancers explorers synchronauts philosophers lovers wanderers mystics and leaders. I hope these arts can inspire us to share the gift that makes the I and I smile. live poetic and dance!

Heres just a handful of bands sharing the evolving life force throughout the last decade, observe the liberation of energy!

Elvis 50s

Beatles 60s

hendrix 69

kraftwerk 70

fugazi 89

So that concludes my first trip down the Synch Whole, thankyou for reading and inviting me to share here. My deepest blessings and Namaste to all, Be very well - Kevin/Indra


  1. Simply amazing.

    Oz shows this same thing, with the O as the mouth and the Z as the (mirrored) Sig lightning bolt.

    I never quite saw the "SS" in the Metallica logo before this.

  2. Check out that new post over at my private blog 'Order of the Stars'. I think you may find that last post I just did 'QUICK POST - DJ - Quest for G - A.M.' interesting.

  3. Check out the Dancing Terrapins.

    I think we can build houses on this website and soon hotels cause we've got a Monopoly. Hello Indras, glad to see you here and thanks for the great work.

  4. The Rune and Rainbow Bridge refs brought to my mind the Nordic/Icelandic communities north of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    Specifically the "Rainbow Bridge" (stargate) community of BIFROST and another for Jim and Jake... Meleb, MB



  5. I should've added that it seems to me that BIFROST may in fact be the Human AURA.


  6. I recall a girl once kicked me in the knackers during my high school days and I had what can only be described as a spontaneous Chach Cham experience. :O

    Reminds me of the 2nd to last image. :D

    Nice introduction Kevin. Welcome aboard!!!

  7. Good work showing the Pop appeal of the Elder Futhark as it applies to Rock 'n Roll, Kevin. A band, Munin's Hammer, was actually founded by a Runemeister, Kædrich Olsen, whose Gnoledge thereof is far beyond conversant. Brilliant treatment of informative & cautious lessons there, gratis.

    Lightning CAN strike it(s)elf,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-)}

  8. (R) Raidho (Seeing the bigger picture) and wonderful you could consider it in regards to RR, just think Rorschach or mirror.

    (X) Gebo, Generation X and Double Cross (XBOX _ Barrack Obama) greed, over-sacrafice, bribery

    (M) Ehwaz, WE3M, transportation BMW M3 - not a negative rune

    (I) Isa, ice, ego-mania

    Othala Omega

    (O) Ingwaz, womb, home, movement without change

    (S) Sun, life force

    Algiz, trident, protection, used to channel energies, connection with gods

    Perthro, ovaries, occult, evolution

    Eihawz, the blue worm, f spiral, enlightenment

    Jera, swaztika, major change, repetitioin, poverty, conflict and ofcourse fruitful season

    (H) Hagalaz 911 Twin Towers, wrath of nature, destructive, uncontrolled forces, especially weather or within the unconcious. Tempering, testing, trial. Controlled crisis, leading to completion, inner harmony.

  9. Thanks for all the insights everyone! A nice warm welcome, i look forward to workin with you all. Thanks for all of your hard work too, be very well, Namaste- Kevin

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